101 Most Common Dream Meanings: How To Interpret Your Dreams Instantly

What do your dreams REALLY mean? It is thought that by reading and interpreting your dreams you can discover things about yourself, such as what your brain is trying to tell you, or what you really want in life.

The dream meanings explained in this post are going to cover MOST of the people reading this.


It can also be used to tell you what you’re afraid of and what you truly desire.

The meaning of your dreams is really what you interpret it to be, but there are a lot of books and dream meaning guides that claim to know the meaning of certain elements of the dream.

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100 Most Common Dream Symbol Meanings!

The idea is that by certain combinations of elements in a dream we can learn things about the individuals mind and the way they think deep down; therefore the meaning of the dream. Here’s a summary of the most common dream symbols, and then below that is the detailed meaning of each dream symbol.

To really understand the meaning of a dream, you need to look at the SYMBOLS and dream signs.

Below you’ll find over 100 common dream symbols and signs to help you with this. 

1: Water Dreams

What is the meaning of this dream symbol? Water related dreams can mean you feel overwhelmed or unsupported by your loved ones.

Water in a dream

A dream about water can mean various things but mainly it symbolises being either trapped or free. The meaning depends on what you link with water in your day to day life. If it’s a large amount of water it can mean that you have deep emotions or a strong emotional reaction to something happening in your life right now.

2: Vehicles (cars or vans)

To dream about a vehicle tends to mean nothing in particular, HOWEVER if you dream about something like a car crash or accident, it means you have low confidence. This type of dream should be paid more attention to as it symbolises emotional stress or a bad mental state.

If you dream about a car crash it can actually meant hat you’re worried about losing something like a job, relationship or even your house, so you need to find the source of that worry. Work out why you’re worried about that thing, and then fix it.

3: Being trapped somewhere

To dream about being trapped tends to mean you’re just worried about your current situation.

This can mean your job, relationship or even which country you’re in. Your mind tends to show you things in a subtle way, so if you’re worried about your job holding you back from traveling for example, your brain might create a dream in which you’re trapped.

A dream about being trapped in a small space usually means you’re just not happy with where you are and you want to change your current situation. There’s not many cases where dreaming about being trapped is a good thing, so be careful with this one!

4: Teeth falling out or wobbling

The teeth falling out dream (or I should say nightmare!) is a VERY common dream that people have.

Almost everyone’s had a dream about their teeth falling out at one point in their lives, and probably wondered what it means.

Turns out this dream is very common because when we’re young and we lose our teeth for the first time (our milk teeth to make way for the real ones), we’re scared. I remember being terrified of what was happening to me when my teeth started falling out, and it’s usually the first REALLY traumatic or scary thing we experience as young people.

So it’s no surprise that the brain LINKS this first experience of fear and trauma with other things in life that make you feel scared or uneasy. So that’s why if you dream about your teeth falling out as an ADULT, it just means you’re scared or worried about the changes going on in your life now.

It’s like your brain saying ‘WOAH this stuff is worrying.. it’s a bit like that other big worrying thing we experienced a few years ago, where your TEETH started falling out!’.

Teeth dream

5: Babies or having children

This is another common dream, and the meaning of this one is simple. To dream about babies just means you want to continue and grow your family and create a legacy. IT means you want to be a father or mother figure in your childrens lives and make the world a better place.

The other side of this dream however, could be that you’re holding something back. Dreaming about children can also mean that you’re wanting to develop your relationship with your own inner child. It’s said that everyone has an inner child or true self that is itching to be released and freed. This sometimes manifests in the form of dreams.

6: Animals (all animals)

This is a tricky one to interpret, because to dream of a specific animal usually means something completely different than a dream about animals in general. MOST of us dream about animals at least once in our lives, usually WAY more often.

A dream about animals is almost always about an aspect of yourself. Animals are so easy to link to a personality trait or emotion, for example you might link a snake to someone who’s deceptive or dishonest. You might link a lion to someone who’s strong, courageous and powerful.

So to dream about a specific animal is usually fairly easy to analyse. Sometimes the actual animals we dream about can just mean we’re thinking about our own behaviour in the waking world.

7: Being chased by something

I’ve said ‘something’ because often, we don’t even KNOW what’s chasing us in these types of dreams. Being chased by something or someone is such a common dream that there are entire books and websites about it.

Usually it’s not anything in particular but just the ‘feeling’ like you’re being chased, and so you run and run.

In the dream of course, running and ‘pushing’ your leg muscles to run faster does nothing but slow you down, just like trying to fly.

fear,nightmare,overcome nightmares,control your dreams,stop nightmares,

What are you afraid of? Why?

Now, this is an interesting one because it could just be that you’ve seen too many horror films and you’re scared of someone chasing you. Chase scenes are VERY common in horror films, and you might just be reliving it because you just saw a film.

It can also however, mean that you’re worried about an issue that you’ve no resolved. Let’s say if you’re leaving that work you KNOW you need to do for next week, to dream about being chased is like your brain saying ‘come on, pay attention to this issue now’.

8: Death or dying

There are some dreams that are just so common that everyone’s got a different theory for what they mean. Death dreams are fairly personal like most dreams, and so you can’t really put a label on what a death dream means.

What you can say is that they’re RARELY good. It’s almost always considered bad or negative to die, unless you get into higher levels of thinking where you realise that death is merely the next stage of life, the next step.

On a simpler level though, a dream about death can actually just mean you’re accepting that you’re changing into someone else. When we change, it’s said that we die a ‘small death’, meaning a part of who we WERE dies and makes way for the person we’re becoming.

In a way we’re all dying every day in small ways, as well as being born in small ways. This just means you’re changing and your brain and body are trying to make sense of it, and sometimes that just appears in the form of dreaming about dying!

It’s not the most fun dream to have, but it can be positive if it’s linked to a positive change in your life. I personally love change and see changing as a positive part of life and nature in general.

9: Crosses (Christian)

Usually you only dream about a cross if you’re very much in the world that recognises them.

The cross is traditionally a Christian symbol meaning the death and rebirth of Christ. This means for the most part, only religious people will dream about crosses, because they see them every day as they look through their church, bible etc.

In other parts of the world however, this can mean different things so it’s worth doing a bit of research to find out what this means for you. If you’re not a Christian and you keep dreaming about crosses, it could mean something different. For some parts of the world, it can mean trouble or dangerous times ahead.

10: Taking exams

This type of dream can just mean that you’re being put to the test in waking life, or you feel like you’re being judged by the people around you. It doesn’t have be be a bad thing, and sometimes it’s just your brain saying ‘you’re being watched by people’.

It can also literally mean that you’re worried about taking your exams though, if you’re still in school! But for adults who have long since passed their exams, it usually just means that you’re worried about what others will think of you, or how you’ll perform in some big event that’s coming up.

11: Clothing

A dream about clothing usually relates to how you want to project yourself to the world. Our clothes are very much a statement and our way of saying ‘this is who I am’. So for those who choose to wear bold bright colors they’re saying something different to the person wearing a bland grey shirt.

By wearing DIFFERENT clothes in waking life than you do in your dream, you’re basically not projecting your true personality into the world. For example if you’re always wearing really brightly coloured clothes in your dream, but in waking life you don’t, it’s like your brain wants you to express yourself more and be more confident.

12: Food

A dream about food can mean that you’re hungry, and I’ve had lots of dreams where I’ve just EATEN loads and loads of food because I went to bed hungry.

Going to bed hungry is actually a technique that you can use to become lucid in a way, because your mind is so focused on finding food that you’re likely to be more aware and likely to lucid dream.

food in a lucid dream,dream food,pizza,

You can usually tell with this dream whether it’s a random dream about food, or whether you went to bed hungry the night before. Sometimes if you desire something before bed and then go to sleep thinking about it, you’ll dream about it. This is the case with sex dreams, and even being thirsty.

13: Demons or monsters

To dream about a demon is usually the result of watching a horror film. We ONLY see pictures and images of demons in horror movies and so it’s not a natural thing to dream about.

Almost everything else we dream about comes from actual life experiences or things we know to be real like animals.

Dreaming about a monster or a demon is only the result of having seen one too many horror films. It can also be linked to what we consider demons to mean. We think demons are evil and bad, so to dream about them might mean we’re anxious or feel negatively about something that’s going on in your life.

14: Buildings and houses

A dream about a building or a house is usually a sign that you’re thinking about your childhood home. It can also mean you’re thinking about security or the feeling of being safe.

Homes and buildings are linked with safety, warmth, shelter and for most of us, home. To dream about someone else’s home might mean that you want to spend more time with that person.

Pay attention to which room of the house or building you find yourself in. Are you hiding in a room? Or are you at the top of the house, looking at the world through the window. Which room you dream about makes a difference in terms of the meaning of this dream.

15: Killing people

Another negative dream. Dreaming about killing people can either be the result of too many violent video games, violent films, or suppressed anger.

None of the above are good, and you should pay very close attention to this dream. If you find yourself regularly dreaming about killing people, it’s a sign that something in your life is very wrong, whether it’s too much violence in media, or unaddressed anger and frustration.

16: Money

This can either be positive or negative. Most of us want more money so that we can enjoy life more, and do the things we really want to do. There are ways of doing this without having to have more money, but for most of us more money means more fun and pleasure in life.

So to dream about money might just mean that you want that bit extra so you can finally do those things you want like take that holiday or buy that new car. It can sometimes mean that you just want power, which is not always a good thing.

17: Having sex

Our bodies are wired to want food, shelter, love and sex. This is what’s kept us alive for such a long time, so our brains are hardwired to think about sex fairly often. Whenever we see an attractive person, we’re reminded that we desire sex and it’s pleasurable.

Lucid Dreaming sex sexy lips

So to dream about sex usually just indicates that you’re a healthy adult and everything’s working the way it should. Much like food, if you think about it before bed (consciously or subconsciously) you’ll normally dream about it too.

This is a good one to dream about because you can turn it into a lucid sex dream, which is MUCH more fun.

18: Falling or tumbling

Falling dreams are super common among people of all ages. This is because much like being attacked or injured, we’re wired to avoid these dangers. It’s said that we sometimes dream about really bad things just so that your brain is used to the experience and can deal with it that much easier if it ACTUALLY happened.

We dream about being attacked or chased (the theory says) so that if we ever were attacked, it wouldn’t be the most insane unusual thing ever, because our brains have already ‘tested’ that situation in a dream and sort of know the basics.

Falling is sort of like that, except there’s not much you can do if you’re falling. Falling dreams usually mean that you’re not in control of what’s going on, and you’re lacking leadership in your life. Pay attention to this if you’re always having dreams about falling, as it can mean that you’re feeling hopeless and even depressed.

19: Being naked in public

We all fear being embarrassed in front of the larger tribe (society) and so being naked in public is sadly a common dream. From a young age we’re told that we should always cover up so as to not expose ourselves to people. This means that to dream about being naked means you’re worried about how people will think of you.

You’re worried in some way about the appearance you have in society or even how you appear to a friend or partner. Pay attention to how often you have this dream, and think about ways you can reduce the amount you worry.

20: Meeting someone famous

We all want to meet our idols. I’ve had several dreams about meeting famous people from musicians to speakers to even historical figures. It’s a common dream because we often think about these things. Famous people are famous because they captivate peoples attention so they’re in your mind.

The things we think about often become what we dream about (among other things). So for lots of people celebrity dreams are very common. 

21: Being cheated on (by your partner)

If you’re in a relationship, and you’ve ever been cheated on in the past, you’ll remember that sinking feeling when you first found out. This has been wired into your brain and heavily labelled as ‘bad’. so whenever we’re in a relationship in the future (after being cheated on before) we sadly spend a little bit of time dreaming or thinking about ‘what if I got cheated on again?!’.

And that’s why we sometimes dream about being cheated on. It doesn’t always mean you don’t trust your partner, you have to consider if yo’ve been hurt before and how badly. You might have the best most loyal partner ever, but if you’ve been cheated on a lot before, it’s only natural to be a little cautious and that’s why you dream about it.

22: Being late

Nobody likes being late. It shows that we’re not good at keeping time, and it’s a bit embarrassing. Much like many of the other common dreams here, we’re just scared of doing certain things. Every time we go to a meeting or gathering, what’s going through our minds as we journey there?

‘I hope I’m not late!’ and that’s what we think about and focus on a lot. Therefore, that’s what we dream about. I’ve always said the things we think about most often are usually the things we dream about. Don’t focus on negative things!

23: Being lost

Usually being lost in a dream denotes being anxious or scared. It doesn’t always mean this though, and actually it comes back to the situation where you dream about the things you’re scared of. It’s like your mind is just playing tricks on you and saying ‘you know that thing you’re terrified of? Here’s what it feels like’.

Sometimes dreaming about being lost can mean that you’re lacking direction in your life or you’re feeling like you don’t have any goals or achievements. 

24: A car crash

Dreaming about a car crash can usually means that you’re worried about something that’s about to happen. Usually it’s if you’re about to have a job interview or something like that, and your brain starts playing tricks on you making you think ‘what if it goes wrong?’.

It can also just be reliving a memory if you’ve ever actually been IN a car crash, but for most of us it means you’re worried about the outcome of a future event you’re planning for.

25: Being pregnant (girls)

Pregnancy in a dream usually denotes being ready to give birth to something new in your life. It cold actually BE a child, if you’re worried about being pregnant, or it could just be considering starting something new like a new relationship, job, travel plans or even trying to change yourself.

It can also denote being scared of taking on new responsibilities, as children often are linked with a high level of responsibility. To dream about it in a negative way (the feeling of the dream is rushed, panicked, stressed) can mean you’re not ready to take on new challenges.

26: Finding an empty room

Empty rooms in dreams are usually just a space that your brain hasn’t filled. It can also be in reference to a part of your life where you just think or feel nothing’s changing. For example if you find yourself working in an empty room, it can mean you just don’t think anything’s going on at work in terms of career progression.

If the feeling of the dream is excitement however, it can mean that you’re ready to find something new and exciting in your life, and that could take many forms. 

27: Your most secret desire

This is personal for everyone. If you dream about your most secret desire, it can usually just mean that you WANT that thing, whatever it is. If it’s something you feel shamed about, or that you shouldn’t be thinking it, then maybe consider if it’s a legitimate desire, or something that’s not allowed.

The red door in a dream

For example, if it’s something illegal, and you know you can’t do it in waking life, then your brain might be just trying to scratch it’s own itch by letting you experience it in a dream.

28: Running in place (can’t move)

This is all about control. To dream about being unable to move and running in place shows that you’re not feeling in control of your life. You feel like no matter how much effort you’re putting into things, nothing’s really changing or moving.

This is actually a really common dream, because most people don’t really change. When they eventually do try and change they set goals in the wrong way, so nothing happens.

This means that lots of people have this dream of being frozen on the spot, trying to run but just sliding around on the ground. Consider what your goals are, what you want in life, and what you’re doing to try and get there.

29: Lots of water (flood)

Floods usually refer to emotions. Water is a very reactive thing when in dreams. To dream about water, especially a flood of water is usually about your emotions, and showing you that you might be feeling overwhelmed by your emotions or by what’s going on in your life right now. Most dream meanings are linked to what you’re feeling about what’s happening in your life at any given moment.

30: Reenacting a film

There are some things that don’t really mean anything when we dream about them. Some would argue that every dream has a meaning, and to SOME degree it does, but films are usually different. It’s just your brain playing back some of the cool things you’ve seen in the film.

The most common films to dream about are horror films, or superhero films. I’ve had LOTS of dreams about my fave superhero films like X-Men and other cool films, and they’re so fun!

31: Sleep paralysis

This is less of a dream and more of an experience, but we all get sleep paralysis every night. The thing is most of us are asleep for it so we don’t really notice it, but it’s there and it happens. Sometimes, part of our brain wakes up during sleep paralysis, and this experience can be very scary.

It feels like you’re being crushed, and it’s not really a dream ALTHOUGH you’re not awake while this happens. You’re sort of in between dreaming and being awake, which is why I’ve included it here as one of the most common dreams.

Some people also report feelings of being punched or having someone on top of them. This experience has also been called the sleep paralysis demon which LOTS of people have experienced.

32: Snakes In Dream Meaning

Snakes are a very common animal to dream about because they’re so easily linked with lies and deception. Historically, snakes have been linked to lies in the bible and throughout history. To dream about a snake can mean that you’re anxious about something or you think someone around you is lying about something.

33: Spiders

Spiders are probably one of the most commonly feared insects or animals along with snakes and wasps. To dream about something you fear is normal, and actually it’s a good way of getting over your fears. Through lucid dreaming you can actually remove your fears and the way you do this is by just dreaming about the thing you’re scared of more and more.

After a while you start to get used to is and become less scared of it. If you’re SCARED of spiders and you keep dreaming about them, work with that and just keep dreaming about them. Try and turn it into a lucid dream actually, and you’ll eventually overcome your fear altogether!

34: Wasps or hornets

Wasps are pretty annoying at the best of times. Wasps can be pretty scary for people and especially the bigger more aggressive hornets and things like that.

They can also be a symbol of evil friends or people, and it can also mean you’re not happy with the people around you. Be careful with this one, and if you keep dreaming about wasps, think about what in your life could be annoying you or making you angry.

35: Dogs

Dogs are a mixed one. Some people LOVE dogs and have very fond memories and thoughts linked with them, whereas others are terrified of dogs and always dream about being chased by them or even bitten. For most people, dreaming about for example a puppy can mean you are happy with your current puppy, or that you’re ready for a baby or a puppy.

To dream about a dog chasing you can just mean that you’re running away from lifes responsibilities, or that you’re not ready for a commitment that’s going on in your life right now. It might for example, mean you’re in financial difficulty and the dog is literally your bills chasing you. It could mean that you’re unhappy in your relationship.

36: Wetting yourself

This is one of two things. Dreaming about wetting yourself can mean that you’re ACTUALLY peeing. It’s very common to dream about wetting yourself when you’re weeing in real life, and it’s more common earlier in life. Earlier in life, we more commonly wet the bed and associate it with being bad or embarrassing.

Our brains react to this by inserting the feeling into a dream to sort of warn you and say ‘stop that!’. The OTHER reason we might dream about weeing the bed or weeing in general, is if we feel like we’re under pressure, or being judged.

37: Flying like superman

Flying is a SUPER common dream and the meaning is just that you’re either feeling or WANTING to feel powerful and free. I’ve experienced flying dreams at various stages of my life. In lucid dreams, you can learn to control the flying dream even more, and stabilise the dream to make it feel even better.

How to fly in lucid dreams

38: Fire or flames

Fire is usually bad, and uncontrollable. To dream about fire can mean anger, passion or even destruction. Sometimes if you’re angry or unhappy with a situation, you’ll dream about fire the same night and even destroying things and being in a fight.

The other reason you might dream about fire is if you’ve got strong memories of camping like I have, and sitting round the campfire, feeling safe, warm and happy. This isn’t for everyone though as some people have never been camping!

39: Reading books

Dreaming about books can mean you’re thirsty for knowledge. Books are strongly linked with intelligence and knowledge in almost every culture around the world. To dream about reading can mean you’re ready to learn new things and you want new challenges.

If you KEEP dreaming about books, maybe it’s a sign that you’re in need of new knowledge. Try reading every night, which is actually a good way to lucid dream more. By reading and learning new things, you improve the chances of becoming lucid.

40: Ants crawling on you

Ants are tiny, and usually annoying. They’re rarely seen as cute or warm, and so to dream about ants usually just means you’re thinking about little things that are annoying you. Think about places in your life where you might be annoyed, or stressed about little things, and that’s probably the reason you’re dreaming about ants!

41: Crying

Crying dreams are often an outlet for repressed emotions and feelings. Often when we dream about crying it’s just our bodies way of letting out some emotions. Not everyone cries (or even CAN cry) in waking life, and so dreams are sometimes a way to release emotions and feelings that have been bottled up.

42: Seeing a dead relative

Dreaming about a dead relative is a way of your mind just getting some closure (or even just seeing the person). It’s a common dream symbol because for everyone who’s lost a relative, you always want more time with them.

Often we think about them during daily life and wish we could see them again, and so our dreams just do that for us.

43: An ex lover

If you’ve had a relationship in the past that went on for some time (more than a couple of months) then the memories associated with that ex lover are still strong in your mind. Often our brains revisit old memories from time to time in our dreams.

If you’ve got unresolved memories with an ex lover, this can be a huge dream that you’ll keep having over and over again. The best solution is to literally either get in contact with your ex and resolve it, OR have a lucid dream and resolve it there.

44: Hiding from something

If you’re dreaming about hiding from something in your own home, it can mean you’re scared or worried about your safety. These feelings and dream signs can also mean you’re feeling insecure in yourself, in terms of your confidence or life plan.

45: Burglars in your home

The idea of some strange rummaging around downstairs in the middle of the night is scary. It’s been drilled into us that it’s a terrifying experience from horror films and the media, and so our brains sometimes play tricks on us and make us dream about it.

It can also mean the same sort of things as the dream about hiding from something, and it just means you’re feeling insecure about something.

46: Being stabbed

With the rise of violent crime being reported in the media it’s no wonder that lots of people are starting to have more and more nightmares or dreams about being mugged, shot or stabbed. It’s mainly due to the media and how they portray only negative events and we consume more of that now than ever before.

To stop these types of dreams, just stop watching TV. It’s doing you no good anyway! If you are dreaming about being stabbed in the BACK, it can mean that you’re worried or suspect someone’s going to betray you.

47: Being shot

Much the same as the stabbing dream, to dream about being shot just means you’re consuming too much negative media. Being shot is something that almost no one in the first world really experiences in REAL life. We only hear about it in third world countries, in the news or in films.

If you stopped consuming those types of media, you’d dream about it much less. Of course, this is different if for example, you’e been in the military and have REAL memories of being shot at, in which case the dream doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a symptom of PTSD.

48: Horses

Dreaming about horses can mean that you want or feel like you HAVE more freedom in your life. Horses and horseback riding is usually linked with being free, in nature, and riding around doing essentially what you want.

49: Kissing someone

Kissing dreams are a very common dream that usually just link to your intense desire to have sex and have intimate contact with the opposite sex. If you’re dreaming about kissing a friend or someone you know, it could suggest that you’ve got feelings for that person, so that’s something to think about.

50: Jumping really high

Often when we jump really high in dreams it actually turns into a flying dream. In fact the most common way of flying in dreams is just to jump really high and see what happens.

If you’re just jumping really high but NOT flying, it can mean that you want more freedom in life but you feel like you’re being held back by someone or something.

51: Being kidnapped

Nobody wants to be kidnapped. Dreaming about being abducted can mean that you’re scared of a situation changing. This type of dream is actually a LOT more common among parents, who are scared that their child might be taken.

52: Missing a bus or flight

Missing a flight or a ride is something that annoys you. When you miss a flight you’re panicking, stressed and you feel like you’ve not got any control over the situation. This reflected the meaning perfectly, it’s all about control.

If you dream about missing a flight it means that you don’t feel like you’re in control of your life or a given situation. It’s good for this one to remember that there are some things you just can’t control, and you shouldn’t stress about.

53: Prison

Dreaming about ESCAPING from prison can mean that you’re preparing for a BIG positive change. Prison is seen as a rigid framework or set of rules, and when you ESCAPE from that set of rigid rules, it can mean that you’re anticipating a big positive change.

54: Quitting a job

I would imagine that lots of people dream about quitting their job. Sadly in todays world lots of people aren’t actually happy in their jobs or work, and frequently fantasise about quitting, punching their boss and running away to Asia.

It just means you want more freedom or a change. Creating a change in your life is actually pretty simple, you just have to DO it. Quitting a job also, is easy, you just have to take the step.

55: Running away

Much like the previous dream symbol (quitting your job), running away means you’re wanting freedom. It actually depends however, on WHAT you’re running from or towards. If you’re running towards something positive, it means you want more freedom or something like that.

If you’re running AWAY from something negative, it means you’re lacking control and direction, and you KNOW you want a change, you just don’t know what change you want, or how to get it.

56: Being super rich

Everyone’s had the dream of being super rich and sailing around on a big boat, but what does it mean? Dreaming of being rich or having lots of money is actually more about the freedom. Yes, another dream that means you want more freedom.

The reason there are so many dreams that mean the same thing is because so many people want more freedom and time in their lives. Their brains just have different ways of portraying it in a dream. for some people, being rich means they’d have more freedom, and they could live the life they’ve always wanted.

57: Drowning

To dream about drowning means that you’re worried about losing control. You’ve probably noticed that a lot of these dream meanings are about either freedom, control or fears. These are the forces which guide our dreams, those and also love.

Dreaming about drowning means you’re feeling NOT in control, overwhelmed and helpless. Consider which areas of your life need fixing and then do it!

58: You’re on a rollercoaster

This is actually a fairly wise dream. Deep down your brain and your true self knows that life consists of many ups and downs. There will be good times, and bad times. This is a reminder that you should expect good and bad times in life.

59: Getting a tattoo

Dreaming about having lots of tattoos means you’re wanting to stand out more. Tattoos are a very personal and individual thing, and so to dream about them means you might want to stand out a bit more. Maybe you feel like you’re not being listened to or not being taken seriously.

60: Being taken by aliens

Aliens mean different things for everyone. For some people they mean a higher intelligence and so to dream about them means you’re seeking more wisdom and knowledge. For other people, they’re scary, and to dream about them is just a nightmare experience.

Getting around with lucid dream portals

61: Someone has a message

Dreaming about someone having a special message can mean that you’re waiting for good news. This is most common if for example, you’re waiting to hear about a job you’ve applied for, or if you’re waiting on the results of something like an exam.

It can be just a sign that your brain is thinking about the results. Whether you dream about a GOOD message or a BAD message just depends on whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist. 

62: Being sexual in public

the idea of being sexually active in public is a naughty one, and for most people something we’ve never experienced. To dream about it can mean that you want more excitement and action in your life.

63: Searching for something

If you’re dreaming about looking for something, it can mean that you’re just not happy with your current situation, and you want it to change. Remember what I said about most dreams meaning you want change, or fear change?

Searching for something means you’re LOOKING for change and you really want it to happen. This is a good dream to have, and it means you’re actively READY to change. 

64: Climbing a mountain

Mountains have always been associated with challenge or obstacle to overcome. It’s actually a cliche and used commonly as an expression.. ‘this challenge is hard, you’ve got a mountain to climb’. So to dream about a mountain is usually just your brain internalising a challenge.

The challenge could either be something yo’ve faced or something that’s coming. If you’re dreaming about not being ABLE to climb the mountain, it shows that you’re not feeling confident about the change or challenge that’s coming.

65: Falling in love

Falling in love in a dream is actually REALLY common. We all like the idea of finding love, and dreams are often a way for this desire to manifest. You can actually have LUCID dreams about falling in love, and they can be very vivid and interesting.

66: Showering

Showering is something we all do most days, and to dream about it means you’re just not feeling clean. Maybe you want to wash yourself of a situation or a person. Consider if there’s someone in your life that you don’t want to be there, or a situation that you don’t enjoy and want to go away.

67: Being invisible

Sometimes we just don’t want to be seen. Dreaming about being invisible has a meaning that’s not obvious. It can mean that you don’t want to be seen, BUT it can also mean that we feel like we’re seen so much that we just don’t want the fame anymore.

It’s common for celebrities to dream about being invisible, because they sometimes don’t like the newfound fame and attention they’re getting. 

68: Losing a shoe

Losing a shoe is a dream that just relates to not being protected. Shoes are very heavily linked with protection from the elements and the dangers on the ground. To dream of losing it can mean that you’re worried about security or protection.

69: Talking to an animal

Dreaming about talking to animals can mean that you’re after a better connection with nature. The idea of talking to animals has been around for a while, and so to dream about it can mean that you just need to get back in touch with nature.

70: Taking drugs

Drugs in general are substances that meet a need, whether that’s an addiction or an illness. So to dream about drugs means you’re either addicted and having withdrawal symptoms, or you feel like your health is in bad shape and you want a fix.

71: Eating sharp things

This is a slightly less common one compared to others on this list, but it’s still one of the most common dreams. To dream about eating broken glass (or anything sharp and horrible) means you’re having trouble saying what you want to say.

It’s often linked with not being able to express yourself clearly, and can b a sign you need to work on your confidence.

72: Seeing an old friend

This is a simple one, dreaming about an old friend can just mean you’re missing them and want to spend more time with them. This is particularly common among students and old people, as they’re often away from or disconnected with their friends.

73: Traveling back in time

This refers to your desire to change things to go back and live that one moment one more time. Often we either have a moment in history we’d like to change, or a moment we’d like to live AGAIN and this sort of dream reflects that.

74: Eating rotten food

Food is linked to health and sustenance, and to dream about eating ROTTEN food can mean that you’re worried you’re not getting enough nutrition. Most common among health freaks or people who don’t’ think their health is very good.

75: Missing a limb!

Our limbs, are IMPORTANT to us in a big way. Without them our life wouldn’t be the same. To dream about amputation or missing a limb can mean that you’re scared of missing out on something important, or you’re worried about losing something that’s important to you.

76: Secret corridor or room

A secret room usually means a hidden potential or a part of yourself that’s yet to be uncovered. This type of dream is positive almost all the time, and you should pay attention to this one. Think about the areas of your life that you might be able to develop more like a talent or skill.

77: Lost in a forest

Being lost in a forest can mean one of two things. One is that you’re terrified, lost and lacking control in life. The other is that you’re lost but you WANT to be lost. For a lot of people being lost and just finding yourself in a hidden or unknown place is very appealing.

78: Lost in the dark

This can symbolise frustration and even anger sometimes. Being lost in annoying enough as it is, but being lost in the DARK means you’re just completely helpless and have no chance at finding yourself.


Dreaming about zombies can mean you’re worried about past mistakes coming back to haunt you. You’ll notice how most dreams have such a literal meaning, it’s almost funny and ironic sometimes.

Zombies are the dead coming back to life, and so a dream about zombies can mean you’re worried about the past coming back to haunt you or ruin your current life. Think about whether there are any unresolved conflicts with people in your past or something like that.

80: Stuck in mud or concrete

Being stuck in a stick substance can mean you’re worried about not being able to change. Lots of people are worried about being stuck or staying in the same place for too long. Others don’t seem to mind, so for this dream to be interpreted, you need to consider how YOU feel about being stuck in the same place for a long time.

81: Public speaking

Public speaking is something that’s very scary for a lot of people, and for that reason lots of people dream about it. There’s a reason you dream about the things you’re scared of, and it’s because you give them a lot of mental ‘focus’.

The things you focus on in life (and in dreams) are the things you then experience more of. By focusing on the thing you fear, you experience more of it! So if you want to avoid scary dreams about public speaking either never think about it OR learn to actually speak in public so you’re not scared of it any more.

82: Committing a crime

Firstly, this doesn’t mean you’re on your way to becoming a scary or dangerous criminal. It just means your brain wants to experience it. It’s like a way of your brain processing ideas and thoughts.

Sometimes we dream about things we’re curious about as well, and so you might have a really calm person dreaming about murdering someone just because they’re stressed or they want to know what it’s like.

83: Meeting someone famous

Usually every celebrity or famous person you know is linked with SOMETHING. Let’s say you dream about a famous comedian, maybe it’s saying you want to be more confident or even funnier?

Or if you dream about a famous athlete, it could suggest you want to become an athlete. It’s usually linked to what the person is famous FOR except when it’s a sex dream in which case it’s pure desire.

84: Dreams About A Tornado Meaning

If your dream is about a tornado, it could be that you are feeling very conflicted or scattered. You might be feeling like your life is spinning out of control. It could mean that you are having trouble making decisions because there are so many things to think about.

Some people dream about tornadoes and they may feel like the tornado is trying to rip them up. You can also dream about a tornado and it will be taking over your house and you don’t know what to do.

This is usually about which TYPE of natural disaster you’re dreaming about. If you’re dreaming about a tornado it can mean you’re overwhelmed (as it does with floods).

If you’re dreaming about an earthquake it can represent your world falling apart or not being in your control.

85: Doing something WRONG

This can mean many things. Dreaming about doing something WRONG whether it’s pressing the wrong button on a phone, deleting your work on your laptop, or getting into the wrong car means you’re not sure of direction in your life.

86: Having an argument

Argument dreams usually refer to unresolved emotional issues with a relationship or a situation. They’re almost always about people and interpersonal relationships. Usually the argument itself will tell you what it means because you’ll dream ABOUT the actual issue.

For example, if you dream about arguing with your partner about how they’re always leaving the lights on, what do you think the meaning of that is? You think they always leave the lights on and it annoys you.

87: Becoming wealthy

We all want wealth in some way. To dream about it just means your brain is confirming your desire for wealth. It can also be linked to freedom and time because money and time are usually linked.

88: Childhood home

Your childhood home, for the most part is a symbol of safety and love. Of course this depends on the upbringing you had, but for most of us it’s where we most feel comfortable and safe growing up. To dream about it might suggest you’re feeling a little scared or shaken, and you just want to go back to what’s comfortable.

89: Being really ill

Illness dreams can sometimes mean you’re worried about changes or lack of control, but not usually.

Usually, dreaming of being ill or even dying from an illness is a sign you’re not happy with your health situation. Usually, we have SOME sort of idea about our health and we know what’s bad and good for us.

90: Laughing at something

To dream about laughing or finding something funny can be a good thing. In fact it’s almost always a good thing. I’ve had lots of dreams when I’ve woken up crying with laughter! Dreaming about laughter can usually mean you’ll be successful or that you’re leading a happy life.

91: Being embarrassed in public

This usually mirrors something you’ve experienced in waking life. When we experience shame in waking life it’s not nice, so sometimes we dream about it because it’s scary and it lingers in our minds.

92: Death of a pet

This isn’t ALWAYS about a pet that’s already died. Sometimes if you REALLY love and care for an animal, it might be perfectly healthy but you start to think ‘what would happen if it died’.

And your mind plays tricks on you and sometimes you dream about it dying. There’s no real reason, you’re just worried about it, so you subconsciously think about it and therefore dream about it. Some say it’s your mind preparing you for when your pet actually does die, but as with any of this you can never say for sure.

93: Losing your phone

We often think about or use our phones quite a lot. To think about our phones this often makes us of course worried about the concept of LOSING our phone.

Another reason for this dream is that phones are of COURSE linked to communication. To lose your phone in a dream can suggest that you’re having a breakdown of communication with your loved ones or partner. Consider if you’re speaking your mind and communicating properly with your friends and partner.

94: Higher message

Some people report dreams of speaking with higher beings or super intelligence beings and forces. The meaning of these dreams is only really clear to the person experiencing them. What I can say though, is that as you learn more about lucid dreaming and the universe, you experience more and more dreams and things like this.

95: Predicting the future

Precognitive dreams DO actually work sometimes, but not most of the time. They can predict basic things but sometimes the details fall short. If you’re having dreams about predicting the future, or even just dreams ABOUT the future, it’s a good thing!

96: Eating sweet things

Certain types of foods have salt and sugar in them among other addictive ingredients. To dream about them just means that your brain is subconsciously CRAVING these types of food. I used to have these types of dreams and now (since changing to a Vegan diet) I don’t have any sort of cravings or sweet foods dreams.

97: ‘They’re always like that’

This refers to dreams about people you KNOW in which they do something that they ‘always do’. This can be a dream about a friend talking in a certain way, or the specific mannerisms your partner has. It doesn’t really MEAN anything specific but it can be said that it refers to your preconception of them.

98: Playing an instrument

Lots of us have musical dreams even though we don’t play instruments. For those who DO play instruments it’s just your brain craving a bit more creativity, so make more time to play your instrument.

For those who have dreams about playing a musical instrument who DON’T play one in real life, it’s your brain saying that you need or want to be more creative.

99: Being born

Dreaming about being born is a VERY intense experience. Because we can’t REALLY remember what this was like, our brains make it up. Because we ALSO know it’s supposed to have been a very intense and important moment in our lives (the most important some would say) our brains make the dream about this intense and very memorable.


Some of us are lucky enough to have RANDOM lucid dreams. A lucid dream if you didn’t know is a dream in which you’re AWARE that you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming. It means you can essentially decide what to do and where to go.

Lucid Dreaming exercises to fly

This site is actually all about lucid dreaming and how to do it. If you’re interested in starting you can start here: 

We’re not done yet though.

We’ve still got to cover how to work out your OWN dream meanings, as well as some extra tips. If you’ve read this far, well done!

101: Cats In A Dream Meaning

In a dream, if you see a cat you might have been feeling lonely. Cats are animals who need company, so they may represent feelings of being alone.

What Does My Dream Mean?

Dreams can be a mystery for many. Some people believe that dreams are a window into the subconscious, others believe they are a reflection of what is going on in your life, and still others believe they are omens from the divine. Whatever your beliefs, the practice of dream interpretation has been around since ancient times.

It’s important to note that there are two types of dream interpretation: subjective (i.e., you make the interpretations) and objective (i.e., the interpretations are based on the dream’s content).

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Explained

Dreaming is one of the most interesting and creative events that occur within our lives. Dreams can act as a way to explore different aspects of ourselves, explore different paths that we may not have had the chance to take in waking life, or even help us understand what is going on in our lives so we can come up with solutions.

The spiritual meaning of dreams is difficult to explain because there are so many different theories on this topic. It’s best to ask YOURSELF the spiritual meaning of dreams. 

Also, look into things like raising your vibrations or opening your pineal gland or third eye.

How to interpret your OWN dreams like a PRO

We’ve created a brand new course called the Dream Meaning Manual. Have a watch of the video on the page, and let me tell you more about your dreams. Check out the course here and learn how to interpret your OWN dreams and understand the meanings behind them.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the course: 

  • The MOST common 101 dream meanings, interpreted and explained in great detail, so you can get a head start on understanding your dreams, today
  • How to INTERPRET any dream within minutes, even if they’re confusing, weird, or scary, and you’ve never interpreted dreams before
  • WHY dream meanings are so damn confusing and complicated, and how they really work. No more waking up thinking ‘what on EARTH did that crazy dream mean?’.
  • How to avoid, master, overcome and USE sleep paralysis to your advantage, so you can either have more vivid dreams, or lucid dream, and CONTROL the dream to be whatever you wish
  • What the FEELING of a dream really means, and what the most common ‘dream feeling states’ mean or how to spot them easily. This will let you get a really accurate foundation of the meaning and ‘set the scene’ for the dream meanings to surface
  • What the DREAM LOCATION really means (The location can change and influence the entire meaning of everything else, and completely change the interpretation, so you need to know how to analyse this!)
  • The immense power of the subconscious mind explained: How it’s able to create such incredible and intricate dream stories, and WHY it does this in the first place (‘theories of dreaming’ are also explored in this section)
  • What your specific dream CHARACTERS mean, and why you dream about friends, family, or people you know (There’s a couple of things to really watch out for here!). 55% of dreams or MORE are about people we know. This has a very important meaning which we’ll explore.
  • Dreams that can predict the future explained: Can you predict the future or see into other ‘timelines’ with dreams and their interpretations? This might actually surprise you quite a bit.
  • How you can use ‘mind mapping’ to understand dreams you THOUGHT you already knew the meaning of (go really deep here, and unlock the TRUE meaning of even the most simple dreams). This is a really powerful technique that I use to extract hidden ‘layers of meaning’ from my dreams that I’ve already interpreted. 
  • How you can use LUCID DREAMING to get your dreams to interpret themselves. This is a HUGE time saver but also, just another option for you. It’s another way of analysing your dream meanings and getting your dream symbols to DIRECTLY tell you what they mean
  • How you can control your dream symbols and signs, and literally talk to your subconsicous mind as if it were a person standing next to you at the bar!
  • And much, much more.


Start interpreting and better understanding your dreams tonight. 

How to work out what your dreams mean

Dreams are the mind trying to sort out the days (and the rest of your lives’) thoughts and experiences into some sort of order…

When we are Lucid we can notice things about the way the brain sorts these things out. We can notice tiny changes and details in the way the brain projects certain things. Let’s look at a very basic example.

You’re dreaming about a new job, you see yourself working there and hear people talking in the nearby offices, you see your boss, and next to him is your old friend that you no longer speak to.

Now think to yourself, why would your brain project your friend next to your boss at your new job? maybe you miss them and deep down want to show them how well you’re doing now and catch up with them. Or, because you’ve projected them next to your boss maybe you’ve always seen them as dominant or controlling.

Bear in mind however, that dream interpretation is almost entirely subjective.

If two people both dreamed about being in a jungle, it would in no way mean the same thing. It is relative the the individuals experiences in life and their thoughts and beliefs.

Generally speaking when people ask the question; ‘what does my dream mean?’ it’s mainly down to them to try and work it out. It’s not something other people can easily tell them. there are dream dictionaries around because certain things in our culture and society have a shared meaning, what we mean by this is that there are generalisations which can be made about certain things.

Most people would consider being chased by some sort of monster as a bad thing, and therefore dream dictionaries can explain this and say that if you’re being chased it shows you’re insecure or worried about losing someone or about change.

But most dreams are more complex than merely being chased. say you have a dream that you’re climbing up a skyscraper.

This could mean something like you’re trying to achieve success. Let’s break it down, you’re climbing a building, to get higher up. Most people would associate being higher up as being happier, more accomplished and successful and generally better.

It’s considered a noble pursuit to want to better oneself, to be better, stronger, higher etc, so the dream about climbing the building could mean the individual wants to achieve more, or if they’re an adrenaline junkie, then it could just be a memory of the last time they climbed a building. It really depends on the specific person having the dream.

Most dream meaning you can work out yourself, just think about the symbols in the dream and what they mean to you in waking life, and what feelings or other words they bring to mind and then connect them. Work out what your brain is telling you. You can find out a lot about the way you think and view the world by analysing your dreams.

More useful resources

  • Dream Dictionary: The most useful thing you’ll want to get is a dream dictionary as this will let you interpret your own dreams and learn HOW to understand what your dreams mean.
  • Remember Your Dreams: Our detailed guide to remembering more of your own dreams and being able to interpret what they mean more easily.
  • Our lucid dreaming course: Look, lucid dreaming can REALLY help you understand more about your dreams, interact directly with your dream characters and objects, and overcome nightmares
  • Our dream meaning course: Learn how to interpret and understand ANY dream within just a few minutes, even the weird or scary ones!
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