6 Common Dreams and What They Say About You

The meaning of dreams is a frequently asked question, but not always so easy to answer. In fact, it’s estimated that one meaning of a dream can be applied to thousands of people while meaning something totally different for someone else. That being said, some dreams are more common than others. If you’ve had a dream that has continued to pop up even after waking up and realizing that it wasn’t actually real life then maybe the meaning of your dream can help explain things about yourself or your actions in waking life. However, if the same meaning doesn’t ring true for you after having read them consider seeking out professional help from a therapist who specializes in this type of thing because sometimes the meaning of dreams is meant for you and perhaps trying to force meaning on your dreams isn’t the best thing for you.

The meaning of six common dreams:

1) Falling – This dream usually means that something or someone has scared you and your mind is telling you to be prepared. It could also mean anxiety and nervousness about a situation and not knowing how it will turn out.

2) Being chased – Typically, this dream is brought on by feeling like someone, somewhere is trying to bring you harm or do bad things to you. This can stem from past trauma such as illness, accident, loss of a loved one etc… The meaning of this dream can vary depending on who (or what) is chasing after you but generally it’s a warning sign for being aware of your surroundings because there is something lurking there.

3) Public humiliation/shame – This dream is one of the most common meaning of dreams and can mean a few things. It could be that you are ashamed of something right now or it could even be symbolic meaning that your pride may have been damaged in some way. If you feel embarrassed in waking life then this meaning of a dream would fit but if not don’t stress it too much because maybe an embarrassing moment will happen soon so being prepared is best advised.

4) Being naked in public – In a variety of cultures, nudity has different meanings from sexual to spiritual meaning but generally means humiliation and shame for the individual who falls into this category. For example, Jewish culture had at one time made circumcision mandatory meaning that if a person isn’t circumcised it would be shameful meaning the meaning of dreams involving nudity from this culture would mean humiliation. Other times, being naked means vulnerability and not having any protection meaning that someone could easily take advantage of you or there is something about yourself that you are hiding that may come to light.

5) Failure – This meaning of dreams usually represents anxiety over an upcoming event making the dreamer feel like they won’t succeed at whatever achievement they’re setting out to do. For example, if someone feels like they won’t pass their test then maybe upon waking up they find themselves dreaming about failing their test which can follow with feelings like depression because now they know how close to failure they really were but couldn’t even tell while awake.

6) Falling in love – This meaning of dreams can be literal meaning that someone is experiencing feelings for someone else or it could be symbolic meaning that the dreamer feels like they don’t have anyone to turn to and need some love and care. So, dreaming about falling head over heels for someone may not actually mean you want them as a romantic partner but rather as a close friend whom you trust and feel comfortable talking to. Ultimately, how you feel waking up after this dream determines what meaning it has for you because if it makes you feel loved then maybe it’s true meaning was that your love life could use some work. And if it means nothing then try not to stress too much about things meaning everything all the time since there are often exceptions to meaning of dreams.

Note: This article is purely informative and may not be 100% accurate.

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10 months ago

Best view i have ever seen !

10 months ago

Best view i have ever seen !