8 Ways To Fall Back In Love With Bed

Your bed is the platform for your dreams and should be welcoming at bedtime, supportive through the night and prepare you for the day to come. If it’s failing to this then it might be time to assess the space you sleep in. Keeping in mind the need to be comfortable and relaxed, we’ve put together 8 ways to fall back in love with your bed…

1. Change your mattress

While this might sound like the most obvious solution, it doesn’t stop tens of thousands of people in the UK from sleeping on a mattress up to 40 years old! You should replace your mattress every 8 years to maintain comfort, hygiene and support needed for quality sleep. It’s proven that people who sleep on a new mattress get a better quality of sleep with less tossing and turning. Check out the Bed & Mattress Guide for help in choosing your perfect mattress.

Man testing new mattress

2. New bedding

Again, sounds obvious… so why haven’t you changed yours?! Lumpy or flat pillows won’t be giving your head and neck the support that they need. Similarly, old duvets may not keep you as warm as they once did. The length of time you should keep your bedding really boils down to its wear and tear. Once you notice a difference in texture, frays or bobbling, it’s probably time to replace. This will make for a more comfortable sleep and a more hygienic sleep space.

3. Tidy up time

Your bedroom is a place to relax and rest. So, if it’s filled with chaotic clutter, the chances of a successful sleep are far less likely. In fact, people who sleep in messy bedrooms are more likely to have disturbed sleep.

Taking just a few minutes to make your bed each morning will set you up for the day and allow you to come home to a calming haven. Still need convincing? Read this article to find out other benefits of making your bed every day.

4. Furniture makeover

If you are using furniture that is dated, handed down or was purchased to ‘fill a gap’, then maybe it’s time to treat yourself – and your room – to a furniture makeover. Whether you go for a solid oak theme that adds warmth and sturdiness to your room’s design, or go for light and airy furniture that allows natural light to envelop every inch of space, it’s important to focus on getting the right furniture for you.

In the end, whatever you decide on, the change of furniture will have a big impact on the look and feel of your sleep space. Even the mental thought of ticking that ‘new bedroom furniture’ off your bucket list will add a sense of relief to your calm and relaxing bedroom.

Woman on laptop browsing internet

5. Sleep tech

Another way to fall back in love with your bed is by enhancing your sleep with tech. Apps that analyse your sleep like the Dreams app can help you assess the length and quality of your sleep. This app tracks the phases of your sleep cycle and allows you to choose wake-up and fall-asleep melodies to achieve the maximum sleep efficiency.

If sleep tech sounds like the solution for you, take a look at this article. From smart pyjamas to electronic eye masks, there’s a solution for everyone.

6. The importance of layout

If you’re a bit of a spiritualist, you’ll already know about Feng Shui. This is the ancient Chinese belief that a room’s flow of energy is aided by the spatial layout. If your room feels claustrophobic, it’s no wonder you’ve fallen out of love with your bed.

To make your bedroom a Feng Shui retreat there are a few things you can do immediately to change the flow of energy.

  • Avoid the bed being directly in line with the door
  • Make sure there’s room to move freely either side of the bed
  • Open your windows to purify the bedroom air
  • Remove electricals like TVs or computers to avoid EMF pollution

For more help on becoming a bedroom Feng Shui master, read this article.

7. Careful with colours

The vibe in your bedroom can be completely dictated by the colour of your walls and accessories. This is because certain colours evoke particular emotions. Blue is best for making you feel sleepy according to Sleep.org. If blue isn’t your thing, try pastel shades or earthy tones like yellow and green for a zen environment.

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A study by Travelodge showed that 58% of people with a blue bedroom regularly wake up feeling happy. These people also had the longest amount of sleep, followed by yellow, green and silver.

Avoid colours like purple, brown and dark grey which can all promote feelings of negativity and sadness.

Blue bedroom design

8. Exercise

If you’re one of those people who lay in bed for ages trying to get to sleep but doesn’t feel tired, this one’s for you. You can rekindle your love for bed by associating it with actually feeling tired.

One way to ensure you’re ready to drop when you crawl into those sheets is by exercising. Doing just 10 minutes of exercise a day can be enough to improve your sleep. This can be the difference between a full sleep and a disturbed one. Try swapping the car for walking on small journeys or going for a quick jog before your morning shower to wake yourself up.

Alternatively, do some yoga before bed to get in your daily exercise while also soothing your body and mind. This infographic provides a short sequence to help you drift off calmly.

We hope this helps you to fall back in love with your bed! Let us know how you get on in the comments.

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