A Dream That Foresaw Tragedy: Was It Mother’s Intuition or a Warning From Beyond?

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A mother's disturbing recurring dream turns out to be a premonition.

A mother’s disturbing recurring dream turns out to be a premonition.

The Dream

Mary Jarvis* does not claim to possess psychic abilities of any kind. Nevertheless, in the fall of 2018, she had a dream that she believes not only predicted events yet to come, but probably saved the life of her only son.

When Mary shared her story with me via social media, she recalled that on two consecutive nights in the early part of November, she experienced realistic dreams that were more akin to waking visions than sleeping images. The scenes that played out in her mind’s eye on those nights were something she would never forget.

In the dreams, she was a passenger in a bus loaded with people she had never seen before. She didn’t know why she was there or where they were headed. Still, everyone seemed to be having a good time as the vehicle made its way down a long stretch of highway.

As she rode along, taking in the scenery, Mary could see through the windows that the weather was taking an ominous turn. The skies were darkening and the road appeared to be wet with snow. Although the conditions didn’t seem to worry any of her fellow travelers, she couldn’t help but feel uneasy as the bus began to slide, ever so slightly, on the icy pavement.

At some point, the mood onboard took a drastic turn as the massive coach continued to shift off course. As the gravity of the situation became clear, the people who had been chatting and laughing without a care in the world suddenly grew silent.

In the moments that followed, Mary watched in horror as the bus careened off the highway. The last thing she remembered hearing before being jarred from sleep were the screams of the passengers as they realized that they were about to crash.

Even as she woke up safe and sound in her room, Mary knew that something terrible was either going to happen or already had. Although she was aware that she had been dreaming, she sensed with all of her being that not only were the events depicted real, but that she had somehow experienced them firsthand.

The fact that she had the exact same dream the next night helped to solidify this belief. Since she had never ridden on a passenger bus in her life, and had no intention of ever doing so, she couldn’t figure out what had prompted the dream. Before long, she would have her answer.


Putting Two and Two Together

Mary’s son Jack was living in Alabama at the time. Though they didn’t see each other often, they spoke on the phone several times a week. Over the years, she and her firstborn child had weathered many a storm together and were exceptionally close as a result. It would be on an otherwise mundane Tuesday afternoon that she received a call from him that would shake her to the core of her being.

It was around three o’clock when the phone rang. Seeing that the incoming call was from her son, Mary eagerly picked up. They talked for several minutes about nothing in particular before Jack told her that he had to go, he was packing for a trip to Tunica, Mississippi where he was going to indulge in a bit of nightlife and gambling.

Mary, knowing that Jack’s driver’s license had been suspended, asked him how he planned to get there. His response left her speechless. He told her that he was taking a charter bus that would be leaving the following day.

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Gripping the receiver tightly with both hands, Mary was deadly serious as she informed her son that he was not to get on that bus under any circumstances. She even offered to drive up from Florida and chauffeur him to Mississippi if it meant keeping him from boarding the tour bus.

Knowing nothing of the dreams, Jack scoffed at the notion. He explained that since he had already purchased a ticket, it would be pointless for her to travel all the way from Florida when he could easily ride the bus.

Even though she knew that he wouldn’t understand, Mary shared the details of the recurrent dream with her eternally skeptical son. After hearing her out, he still refused to give an inch. Frustrated that he couldn’t see what was so clear to her, she wept as she pleaded with him to reconsider.

After much back and forth, and his mother’s assurances that she would reimburse him for any money he would lose by canceling, he promised her that he would put the trip on hold for the time being.

Mary recalled being on pins and needles for the remainder of the day. Although she wanted to trust him, she was fearful that Jack was simply placating her and would make the journey, after all, thinking that she would never know the difference. That night, she tossed and turned as visions of the bus crash played over and over again in her mind. Having done all that she could, she prayed that her son would keep his word.

The following day was relatively uneventful—that is, until Mary turned on the late news. It was then that she learned that a charter bus from Alabama had been involved in a fatal accident while making its way to Tunica, Mississippi. Upon hearing this, she made a beeline for the phone and dialed Jack’s number.

Her heart pounded out of her chest as the line went unanswered on the other end. In a panic, she tried his cellphone, which went straight to voicemail. She felt the life drain out of her as she made the realization that the bus that crashed had probably been carrying her son. All she could do at that point was to hope against hope that he had survived.


A Time to Give Thanks

As a forlorn Mary sat in a darkened room, the television still tuned into the news, the phone rang. When she answered, the voice on the other end was the sweetest sound she had ever heard. It was Jack calling to say that he was sorry he had missed her attempts to reach him; he had been taking a nap.

True to his word, he had canceled his plans and stayed home that day. Both he and his mother would later learn that two people were killed and forty-four injured in the accident. The cause of the crash was determined to have been a freak snowstorm that had descended upon the area, resulting in dangerously icy roadways.

A week later, Mary traveled to Alabama to spend Thanksgiving with Jack and two of his sisters. As she sat at the table in the company of her grown children and their families, she pondered the bizarre events that had allowed them to be together on this very special occasion.

Thoroughly convinced that she had been given a glimpse into the future for the sole purpose of keeping Jack from harm, she had every reason in the world to be thankful.

*Name has been altered in order to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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