Acid Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Acid

Did you dream about acid? It represents feelings of jealousy, sourness, irritation, and perhaps rage in certain dream circumstances. Pay attention to how the acid is used and seen in the dream. They could relate to your waking life in different ways. The first and foremost is to figure out if the acid is beneficial or harmful in the dream. Below we will go through some of the most common acid-related dream interpretations.

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Dream About Acid Attack

To dream about being attacked by someone throwing acid; relates to some type of payback or revenge actions. It suggests that someone will take drastic actions. He or she aims to destroy your appearances and reputation out of despite.

Dream About Acid Corrosion

Seeing acid corrosion in the dream towards materials or containers; is a sign that your integrity is being compromised and called into question. Other factors or people are eating away and melting your confidence and ego. You may soon have issues holding yourself together against negative influences.

Dream About Acid Leaking

Dreaming about acid leaking, could be a sign that certain important bodily fluids may be at risk. Specifically, battery acid leaking could relate to your physical energy. Other acids in general could relate to your digestive system. Gastric acid or stomach acid indicates that you may have issues with your digestion.

Dream About Acid Chemistry Reaction

To dream about acid chemically added and reacted with other materials or metals; represents some type of transformation or breaking down of compounds. You are using your own ways to change. Come to a more basic and fundamental understanding of events and objects. However, your process can be hazardous if left unchecked.

Dream About Neutralizing Acids

To dream that you are neutralizing acids; foretells that you will manipulate others. Downplay certain feedbacks and complaints by someone. You are trying to remove and make good of other people’s sour feelings.

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