Ankle Dream Meaning – Top 3 Dreams About Ankle

Did you dream about ankle? Ankles indicate that you are seeking support and direction in your life. Find the most common ankle dream meanings here now.

Table of Content

Dream About Sprained and Swollen Ankle

To sprain your ankle and ending up with a swollen ankle in your dream; suggests that you are experiencing some obstacles or difficulties. You cannot move forward in your progress. Consider getting some help from support networks like doctors from the hospital.

Dream About Ankle Bracelet

An ankle bracelet or cuffs inside the dream is a sign of trouble. Slander and gossip will impact your mobility. A passionate friend usually causes trouble. Consider rekindling the old friendship with the slandering friend. You will be able to repair the broken relationship.

Dream About Animal Biting Ankle

If you dream about any animal biting, such as a snake or dog biting ankle, it symbolizes whichever the animal is representing. They may be hurting your support and direction. For example, if your ankles are getting bitten by a big dog, it relates to an authoritative and powerful friend in your life. He or she may be holding you back.

Dream About Ankle Meanings
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