Apocalypse Dream Meaning – Top 8 Dreams About End of the World

Did you dream about the apocalypse? It signifies an emotional and dramatic change taking place. Consider the type of apocalyptic end of the world events associated with the dream to get better clues. Look into your feelings and actions to survive, as they can be your attitude to face difficult times. Apocalyptic dreams typically tie to the theme behind the apocalypse. Here we help you to understand apocalypse events for better interpretations.

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If the apocalypse is happening in the dream, it reflects the starting transitional period. If the dream features a post-apocalyptic wasteland dream, it reflects your waking life’s attitude to a bad life situation. A situation is so bad that you would consider it the end of the world.

Below are some of the more common end of the world themes that you can experience in your dream.

Dream About Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse reflects the feeling of hopelessness in your waking world. You feel that everyone around you has lost their humanity; they are all dead and trying to feed on one another.

Dream About Fire Apocalypse

Fire or apocalypse brought by volcano and lava can suggest the world’s destruction as you know it. However, it also indicates that you can rebuild life after all the rage and anger.

Dream About Flood or Tsunami Apocalypse

Dreaming about the end of the world flooded with water and tsunami reflects deep emotional sorrow and sadness. You feel the world, as you know, completely gone, covered by the deep blue sea. This dream typically reflects the loss of a loved one. You are getting used to being alone by yourself.

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