Apocalypse Dream Meaning

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Are you dreaming of the world ending? It might seem scary, but an apocalypse in a dream is not as strange or unusual as it might seem. Many people dream of apocalyptic types of events in dreams when a sudden change or shift in their life is happening.

apocalypse dream meaning

What Does it Mean to Dream of an Apocalypse?

If you are dreaming of the world coming to an end, don’t panic! Most of the times these are not prophetic types of dreams that predict the future! For most of us, dreaming these things means that we are changing and are ready to face a new way of life.

Are You Currently Experiencing Any Stressful Events?

Apocalypse dreams are often triggered by real life events that are stressful. These types of events include things such as growing into adulthood, starting a new job, getting married, going through a divorce, or even saying goodbye to a loved one who has died.

Many times it may suggest a significant event that may transform your entire life is happening and everything at you know is coming to an end.

These events are known to be extremely stressful and so it makes sense that these emotions and feelings would become present in our dreams.

The emotions you feel during an apocalypse in your dream can often be manifestations of the emotions you feel in your present life right now. For example, you may feel anxious, frightened, alone, stressed out, and upset.

Fortunately, most of these changes while stressful are all a natural part of life. Being aware of your dreams and their meaning can help you take care of your own well-being throughout these difficult moments in life.

Fear of the Unknown

Much of the emotions are created by our natural fear of the unknown and that we do not know what will happen next in our lives.

The mysteries of life can be frightening when you are not sure what is about to happen.

It’s not unusual to have a dream about an apocalypse when you are not sure whether the outcome of this new transformation/change will be a positive or negative experience.

Feeling Unprepared

Being prepared for an emergency or disaster is always a good idea, and a lot of people do many things to stock up on supplies and prepare for unexpected problems, such as storing food, water and having other survival supplies ready in case of a natural or man-made disaster.

For this reason, it’s not uncommon that you might have these types of dreams when you are feeling unprepared for a situation. You might be afraid that something that is going to happen in the future will not go well.

For example, maybe you are supposed to do a presentation in front of a large group. If you’re not comfortable with public speaking or you are afraid you will not do a good job on the presentation, it is likely you will have these types of world ending kind of dreams.

While preparation is important, it’s also important and healthy to recognize that we can’t possibly prepare for everything that happens in life – some things are just beyond our control. Surrendering to this radical acceptance can help bring more joy in your life when you realize you can’t control everything or change the outcome of a situation.

Examples of Common Apocalypse Dreams

Now that we’ve talked about some of the common themes that relate to dreams of the world ending, let’s talk about different examples of apocalypse dreams and what they can mean.

Dreaming of Being Killed in an Apocalypse

If you dream that you are killed or injured during an apocalypse, it could mean that you are subconsciously afraid of things coming to an end. You may be unsure of the future and feeling as if you are out of control in a situation in your life. This could pertain to career or relationships.

Dreaming of Saving the World From Certain Destruction

In some apocalypse dreams, you are the hero who must save the world. In this case, the dream often symbolizes a need to feel recognized or to take action in some part of your life.

If you are able to successfully save the world, this means that you are confident in your ability to handle stress and to take control of a situation.

If you are not able to save the world, it can mean that you have too high of expectations for yourself. Saving the world is a big task and nothing that you can do alone – it takes all of us to collectively work together. In this case, the dream could mean that you need to consider teamwork to better complete a project or reach a goal.

Dreaming of Seeing Fire in an Apocalypse

If you see fire in a dream, whether it’s coming from missiles or buildings on fire, it can mean that you are going through a transformation in your life. You may feel that all is lost or that you may never be able to return to what you once knew. See dream meaning of fire for more details.

Dreaming of a Zombie Apocalypse

While the notion of a zombie apocalypses in dreams no doubt became more of a thing after the introduction of popular TV shows and movies, there is still a lot of meaning that could pertain to your everyday regular life.

If you dream of a zombie apocalypse it could mean that you are not ready to let go of things in your life or that you have a fear of things ending. See our dream interpretation for zombies for more info on what the dream symbol zombie means.

Dreaming of Planets or Outer Space in an Apocalypse

Many of the example dreams we see with an apocalypse theme pertain to planets. You may be leaving Earth to live somewhere else or an asteroid may be crashing to Earth, causing massive destruction and chaos.

To dream of leaving the planet during an apocalypse means that you wish to escape some sort of situation in your life. Maybe you need a vacation – maybe you need to make changes in your health or in your career or even your relationships.

To dream of asteroids destroying the earth can mean that you are not feeling in control of a situation in your life. You may be experiencing external conflict caused by others in your life or need an adjustment to your environment.

See our dream meaning about planets to help you better understand the meaning of this dream.

Have any Apocalypse dreams you would like to share? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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