Apple Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Apples

Did you dream about apples? Apples as a dream symbol denote prosperity, wealth, perfection, and beauty. It is generally a good symbol related to harmony, pleasure, fertility, and sexual desire. This complete dream interpretation for apple will go through related apple items, colors, and several common contexts.

Table of Content

Dream About Apples Growing

Dreaming about apples growing in a tree symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. If the dream depicts many apple trees in an apple orchard, the context symbolizes magnificence. Picking an apple from an apple tree in the dream represents your thirst and quest for knowledge. If the apples have fallen and scattered on the ground, it signifies that you need to pick your friends wisely.

Dream About Eating Apple

Eating an apple in the dream relates to fulfilled goals and physical desires. If you plan to get pregnant, eating an apple in the dream can suggest success and fertility.

Dream About Apple Related Products

If the dream does not feature an apple by itself but rather apple-related products, consider those items when trying to interpret your apple dream.

Apple Pie
Baking or Eating Apple Pie in dreams represents creating something out of the knowledge that you have gotten. Your mind is telling you to transform and recreate what you have learned into special work.

Apple Juice or Apple Sauce
Drinking apple juice or eating apple sauce in dreams suggests that you may be hasting or hurrying your studying. You are not taking the time to digest what you have learned or gained fully. You are looking for immediate profit and results.

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