Armor Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Armor

Did you dream about armor? It symbolizes your defense mechanisms against aggressive actions. You have developed a way to protect your feelings and weaknesses. You are at a place and time where you feel superior and better than others. Consider how you are using the armor and the condition to get the best dream meanings.

Table of Content

Dream About Using Armors

Wearing Armor
To see yourself wearing armor; suggests that you secretly want to become a superhero in waking life. You are witnessing certain injustices and victims. Your subconscious is hinting that you can take action. Do something about the problem such as protesting or bring up awareness about the issues.

Hiding Inside Armor
To see yourself hidden inside an armor is similar to hiding in a closet. You are hiding away from the world. The dream suggests that you are afraid of other people’s criticisms. You feel that other people are out to get you. And you are paralyzed and cannot fight back.

Taking Armor Off
To dream that you are taking your armors off; suggests that you are opening yourself up to others. You are no longer stuck in your defensive bubble. Perhaps you are ready to date again after getting hurt before. It is time to open your heart to invite others in.

Polishing Armors
Dreaming that you are polishing your armors, reflect a strong ego. You are feeling arrogant about certain achievement or titles that you have. You will fight hard to upkeep your reputation.

Dream About Armor Conditions

Gold Armor
To see gold armor is a good sign in the dream. You will soon be put on a pedestal for your success in your career or causes. You will be given some type of trophy for the amazing job that you have done. It is time to welcome payday and fame that comes with the achievement.

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