Banana Dream Meaning – Top 10 Dreams About Banana

Did you dream about bananas? To see bananas in your dream typically suggests repressed sexual urges and desires because of its physical figure resembling masculine sexuality. However, pay attention to the state and context of how you see the banana in the dream. They can represent several other potential interpretations. Here we will help you to analyze the most common meanings.

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Dream About Conditions of Banana

Yellow Ripe Banana
A yellow banana that is ripe to eat in the dream reflects contentment and happiness. You are ready to jump and enjoy the fruit of labor.

Green Banana
Green bananas indicate that the time is not yet ready. It could signify something new such as a new job or new life on the horizon. However, you are not ready to jump at the opportunity yet.

Rotten Banana
A rotten banana starting to decay and smell suggests that your business may be going down south. You have missed the golden opportunity to harvest or eat the fruit on time.

Dream About Banana Related Symbols

Banana Tree
To dream that bountiful bananas are growing on a tree signifies good fortune and profits from a business partnership.

Banana Leaf
Dreaming about banana leaves symbolizes fertility. Big healthy leaves growing on a banana tree suggest that a new child is on the way.

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