Bat Dream Meaning – Top 20 Dreams About Bats

Did you dream about bats? Bat in dreams can be a powerful symbol and foresight into the future. Depending on the context and emotions of the dream, bat dreams are not necessarily evil and bad. Below we will go over many common themes and how to interpret dreams with bats in them. Consider your waking life situations and make judgment calls. Interpret the dream based on what the bats may reflect. Like many animal-related dreams, bats often point to specific individuals in your social circle.

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Dream About Bat Related Actions

Dream About Bats Biting
Dreaming about bats biting you, typically relates to someone gossipping about you. And you tried to be close to this someone. For example, the dream signifies that the girl you are trying to woo is not the one for you. The girl that you are after is complaining to her group of friends about your advances or tactics. The bat’s bite can signify unreturned love, which can sting, hurt, and blind at the same time.

Dream About Bat Attacking
To see bats attack or scratch you in dreams suggests that you are making certain decisions blindly and quickly without good considerations. As a result, you will suffer the consequences.

Dream About Bats Flying Into You or Crossing Your Path
Dreaming of a bat bumping and flying into you is a sign of a close call with danger; you will see the danger as hugely unexpected and unseen. Watch for the hidden dangers that may lurk around the corner.

Dream About Bats Chasing You
Bats are chasing you in dreams suggests that someone you find attractive and mystifying is giving you mixed signals. You feel fear and strong emotions at the same time. However, if you feel that your life is in danger in the dream, it foretells a terminal illness in remission. Consider double-checking your health to make sure every part of you is healthy.

Dream About Killing a Bat
To kill a bat in the dream suggest that you are removing particular negative thoughts from your mind. However, it would help if you rid yourself of negative influences and negative persons in waking life. We should note that negative thoughts are not particularly bad or evil. They exist more along the line of negativity and inactive thoughts.

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