Battery Dream Meaning – Top 17 Dreams About Battery

Did you dream about the battery? The battery in dreams relates to your energy level. They represent your motivation to get things done. Battery packs relate to stored energy, vitality, and goals that motivate you. Batteries as a dream symbol generally point to your high potential of achieving your goals when channeled correctly and efficiently. Below we will go over more battery-related dreams to help you understand what they might mean to your waking life.

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Dream About Actions with Battery

Dream About Buying Spare Battery
Buying spare batteries in the dream foretells that you are coming up with backup plans if your primary projects fail. The dream foretells that you need to plan for potential failures with your projects. Line up your resources accordingly to achieve your planned goals.

Dream About Putting Battery Incorrectly
Dreaming about placing batteries’ direction incorrectly signifies your need to allow the positives to balance out the negatives. The key is to find a balance between positive and negative aspects of your life to achieve a positive overall energy flow.

Dream About Eating Battery
Dream about eating and swallowing a battery suggests that you are on the wrong path to spend your time and energy. You are overindulging in the sense of fake power and energy. These negative actions will ultimately destroy your own well-being. Negative results will occur as a product of your actions.

Dream About Bad Batteries

Dream About Dead Battery
Dreaming about having or using a dead battery in the dream completely out of juice suggests that you do not have adequate resources to complete your tasks. The dream indicates that you are likely to run out of money or time. You will have problems finishing your projects, or you have no resources to start with. Consider going back to the drawing board, and gather the necessary items to accomplish your goals.

Dream About Rusted Battery
Seeing a rusted battery in the dream reflects that you are not taking care of your body. Perhaps you are not getting a good amount of sleep and rest. The continued beat down of your health, body, and mind can become detrimental shortly.

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