Bear Dream Symbol Meaning

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Did you dream of a bear? Bears in your dreams can have many different meanings. To understand what a bear means in your dream, it helps to understand bears and to think carefully about the context of the bear in your dream.

bear dream meaning symbol


Common Dream Symbols and Interpretations for Bears in Dreams:

Bears are large animals that primarily live in forests, known well for their solitary lifestyle and hibernation habits.

Solitude: Bears are solitary in nature, and to dream of one may represent your own solitude or loneliness. Have you been spending a lot of time alone or have you recently had a break-up?

Aggression: Bears are aggressive animals and so it can also symbolize your aggression, or aggression someone else has been showing towards you.

Unbearable Situation: Dreaming of a bear can also symbolize something which has become unbearable to you. Perhaps your work, a relationship with someone that has turned sour, or a self destructive habit.

Running Away: Running away or being chased by a bear symbolizes you are running away from your own fears and emotions.

Family: To dream of three or more bears may symbolize your family. Pay attention to the characteristics of the bears – do they remind you of family members or friends that are close?

Dreaming of a Bear with Cub: Bears are extremely protective mothers, and to dream of a bear of cub may symbolize you are over protective of your own children, or you feel as if your mother has been over protective of you.

Hibernation: Much like running away from problems, a hibernating bear can also symbolize not dealing with problems as they arise or it could mean you are being overwhelmed with problems.

Spirit Animals: Many people believe in spirit animals, which is an animal which provides a special message and guidance to you. Spirit animals often communicate through dreams. A bear may very well be a spirit animal providing you with guidance and information for relating with family and in your life.

bear dream meaning symbols

Tips to Help You Interpret Your Dream About Bears

What context is the bear in? Is the bear in the woods? On a mountain? In a stream? In a field? All of these things will help you better understand the meaning of your dream. For example, if the bear is standing in water, you would know the bear is closely tied with emotions. If the bear is on a mountain, it could mean you are facing problems that are overwhelming or an obstacle that seems impossible to overcome.

What are your own associations with bears? When you think of bears, what are 5 words that you think of? Defining your own words to describe bears will help you better understand the personal meaning of the dream.

What were your emotions during the dream? Were you afraid of the bear or were you merely observing it? Did you feel excited or happy to see the bear?

Do you have any additional dream interpretation symbol meanings for bears we may have missed? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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