Bird of Prey Dream Meaning

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birds of prey dream meaningWeather you dream of a hawk, eagle, osprey or other bird of pray, this is a dream that is typically symbolic of your personal freedom or lack of it.

Some common bird of prey dreams include:

If you see a bird of prey flying free: This could indicate that you feel free.

If you see a bird of prey swooping down to catch its prey: This suggests that you are in the process of trying to reach an important goal in your life, and that you possess the skills and confidence to successfully reach that goal.

If the bird is caged or otherwise restricted: This suggests that you feel trapped in some area of your waking life and that you must use your intelligence and keen senses to figure out a way to regain your freedom.

If you see a dead bird of prey on the ground: This is a strong indicator that you are discouraged to the point of hopelessness in some area of your current waking life. Birds of prey represent strength, and seeing a dead bird suggests that you feel powerless to rise above the situation and that you do not have the strength, tools or resources to improve your current life situation. Perhaps you are going through a divorce, layoff, or are otherwise trapped in an unbearable situation.

Tips for further interpretation of this dream as it applies to your life:

If you dream of a bird of prey, evaluate what is going on in your current waking life. Are you feeling confident and free or are you being confined and restricted from living your life. Dreaming of birds of prey and more specifically, their actions, will give you a very strong indication of your current life situation. It will bring awareness to you if you are in need of making some changes to life your life to the fullest.

Please feel free to share your bird of prey dream and thoughts pertaining to it in the comments below.

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