Bleach Dream Meaning – Top 6 Dreams About Bleach

Did you dream about Bleach? Bleach in dreams signifies tough medicines that will be used to remove negativity, it points to a time of healing and cleansing after removal and destruction. Consider how and where you are using bleach in the dream to get a better understanding

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Dream About Cleaning with Bleach

Using Bleach to Clean
To dream that you are using bleach to clean, consider the location where you are using it. Are you using it on the floor or on the toilet? It relates to that you are ready to mend past hurts and arguments. So that you could move forward to resolve the poor relationship.

Adding Bleach or Chlorine to Disinfect Swimming Pool
To dream that you are killing off potential infections with bleach at a swimming pool or another water source, points to purification and improvement of your mental health. You are forcibly removing all negativity in your mind so that you could function flawlessly.

Dream About Hair Bleaching

To dream that you are bleaching hair, is a sign that you are undergoing big change and personal growth. You are self-reflect on how you view yourself and how others view you. You wish to change your impression on the world.

Dream About Bleach Drinking

To see that you are drinking bleach in the dream, suggests that you are having a hard time swallowing harsh truths and advice from people. Someone in your life thinks that it’s good to put you down in order to motivate you. But your psyche cannot dilute and digest what was said. Find ways to deal with harsh comments. Or you might suffer long term mental damage or poor relationship for the years to come.

Dream About Smelling Bleach

To dream that you are smelling bleach, indicates that you will soon be met with the arrival of a demanding client. His or her feedback will be judgmental or demanding. Be ready to be put down for the work that you have done.

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