Block Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Block

Did you dream about blocks or cubes? Blocks in the dream relate to obstacles that you need to overcome. To achieve your goals, you will need to use your existing materials or resources. Make something extraordinary with a basic understanding of the world. Bypass different obstacles and fully utilize your resources. The dream foretells that you could achieve great things if you know how to work around problems. Consider the contexts and purposes of those blocks in the dream to get clearer pictures and interpretations.

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Dream About Items Blocked

Blocked Paths
To dream about certain paths like stairs or freeway road being blocked, suggests that you will face obstacles with your approach to life. Resistance will block you from whatever career or life path that you want to take. Think about who or what is blocking your way in the dream to get better clues.

Blocked Tools
To see a tool like a sink, pipe, drain, or toilet blocked, toilet to some type of emotional outlet problems. Emotional turmoil will face you. The dream indicates that you are having trouble letting go of the negativity.

Blocked Ear
To dream that your ear is blocked with wax; it indicates that you have trouble listening or taking other people’s advice. Your self-ego is getting in the way. Suggests that you are not listening to those around you. Perhaps there is something that you are refusing to hear. You are turning a deaf ear to others.

Blocked Nose
Dreaming that your nose is blocked in the dream, think about the reason behind it. Is a condition like an allergy or cold flu making you hard to breathe? It is a sign that someone’s attitude or actions are getting under your skin. You will likely to make wrong judgment calls. You do not get the chance or opportunity for the “smell” of events.

Dream About Purposes of Blocks

Lego Blocks
Seeing Lego blocks in the dream; stands for creativity and achieving new goals. Do not be afraid to experiment and test out new ideas. Be careful if you seek out perfection with everything that you do. You will likely face destruction and frustration.

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