Book Dream Meaning – Top 42 Dreams About Books

Did you dream about books? They indicate that you are moving towards your knowledge goals at a steady pace. Books symbolize intellect, wisdom, knowledge, and experiences. It embraces the alluring human imagination or histories of the past. Consider the types of books in the dream, and how you are consuming the materials. Below we will provide you with a deep and detailed book dream meanings analysis.

Table of Content

Dream About Interacting with Books

Burning a Book
Burning books with fire in the dream; points to a complete rejection for a school of thought or opinion. Perhaps you want to people to stop listening to a specific type of narrative. And you are rejecting it for both yourself and people around you. You will soon make a statement and protest.

Book Falling on You
To see books falling on your head or thrown at your face; forewarns that you will make serious mistakes due to a lack of knowledge. However, it might be too late by the time you realize your faults. The damage would have been done.

Someone Giving You a Book or Receiving Books
To dream that someone is giving you books as gifts; points to advice. Other people will share their knowledge with you. It is up to you to listen to them and accept their wisdom. They cannot force you to act a certain way.

Looking for and Finding Book
To see yourself searching and finding specific books; indicate that you are looking for spiritual guidance. You are at a crossroad where you do not have prior knowledge. Thus you are looking for answers elsewhere, to see if there have been precedences that you could follow.

Holding Book
To dream about holding a book tightly in your hands; indicate that you will uphold specific belief system. There are some ideas that you believe strongly in. You will not let it go easily.

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