Bribe Dream Meaning – Top 7 Dreams About Bribery

Did you dream about bribes? To dream about a bribe represents some type of unethical influence. You are trying to persuade other people into doing something that they are not supposed to. Consider the purpose and whom you are offering a bribe to in the dream to get a better interpretation.

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Dream About Someone Bribing You

Someone Offering You Bribe
To see someone offering to bribe you in the dream, is a sign of your authority and power to affect people’s lives. The dream suggests that certain individuals do not follow rules and lack integrity. Be aware if you are accepting and making a deal from others. As their work ethic and business dealings can be questionable if you are signing contracts.

Asking or Taking Bribes
To dream that you are taking bribes, indicates that you feel obligated to make something worth their while. At the same time, you are in a situation of power where you are abusing your roles and influence. You are getting people to do your bidding whether they like it or not. You are forcing people to make unethical choices for the gain of your personal agenda.

Dream About You Bribing Someone

Trying to Offer Bribe
To see yourself offering others bribes in the dream, indicates that you expect more of others. You are demanding favors from people and you are above the common moral or ethical rules. You believe that you could get away with cheating or deceitful. Perhaps you believe you could spend money to simply make all of your troubles disappear.

Dream About Someone Asking You to Bribe Them
Dreaming that someone is asking you to bribe them; it suggests that someone is making you feel being ripped off and extorted. You have to give someone special treatment in order to move forward with your projects. The dream reflects that you believe someone is asking too much of you. They are requesting more than what you are willing to give. Perhaps these people have been asking you for kickbacks or fake invoices.

Dream About Other People Bribing

Reporting Corruption or Bribery
To see yourself report corruption or bribery, foretells that you will gather up your strength and stand up for yourself. You are ready to partake in some type of protest against unfair practices. Perhaps you are calling people up for their unfair advantage and competition.

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