Broom Dream Meaning – Top 28 Dreams About Broom

Did you dream about the broom? It suggests that it is time to resolve your past issues. Clean up your act. Get rid of your problems from the past and settle down. Do not dwell on the issues of the past. Look forward and put the trash aside. Consider the condition and your actions with the broom to get the best dream interpretations.

Table of Content

Dream About Getting and Holding Brooms

Holding Broom in My Hand
To hold the broom in your hand in the dream; indicates you have the power to get rid of negativity. Go through a phase of self-reflection. Remove and sweep away negative influences if you can make the choice.

Buying Broom
To dream that you are buying a broom; foretell that you will pay money for some valuable advice. It could relate to some type of mentor or person with more experience. Specifically, he or she will be able to get rid of your vices and bad habits.

Taking and Carrying Broom
To dream that you are moving around to carry around a broom; points to your determination and persistence in finding faults. It is great if you know exactly what to sweep in the dream;. However, if you are just carrying the broom for no reason, it suggests that you are wasting your time looking for troubles that may or may not exist.

Dream About Using Brooms

Fixing Broom
Dreaming that you are fixing a broom; points to respect in your family. You have snapped at your elder’s criticism about something. Perhaps he or she criticized your behaviors. You are turning around to heed their opinions and suggestions. It could also relate to the mending of a broken domestic relationship. Maybe you are getting back together with your ex-boyfriend or divorced spouse.

Washing Broom
To dream that you are washing a broom; foretells that you are looking for someone’s appearance. It might be related to washing yourself with soap or shampoo. You are making yourself presentable for the moment.

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