Cage Dream Meaning – Top 19 Dreams About Cage

Did you dream about a cage? Cages in dreams typically refer to some form of inhibitions or powerlessness in areas of your life. Pay attention to the contexts of where, when, and what appears inside and outside the cage. Dig into the contexts to get a better understanding of how cages may reflect your waking life. Below are more common dream scenarios related to cages to help you interpret the meanings.

Table of Content

Dream About Your Interaction with the Cage

Dream About Trapped in a Cage
Dreaming about a cage trapping you inside indicates that you lack the freedom to act independently. Some people are keeping all of your actions and thoughts on a short leash and observed. Try to act accordingly and avoid going out of line, or you might be further punished shortly.

Dream About Putting Something or Someone Inside a Cage
To put animals inside a cage in the dream is symbolic of your ability to control your animalistic desires, rage, and anger.

Dream About Condition of the Cage

Dream About Empty Cage
To see an empty cage in the dream is a reminder that you need to cherish your freedom and autonomy to do what you wish. For example, perhaps you have the free use of your time and effort at work or school. But if you are not careful, you may lose that privilege and be micromanaged shortly.

Dream About Rusty Cage
Rusty cages in dreams refer to certain rules, obligations, or traditions that may be outdated. Perhaps there are routines or habits in your daily life that have prohibited you from achieving your true potential. Consider going over your life to find which rules or people that are holding you back.

Dream About Broken Cage
Broken cages in dreams represent both opportunities and challenges to break the status quo. The dream foretells that a turbulent time is ahead, and there will be a reshuffling of power and priorities. You do not know what the future may hold, and you may have little control over the outcome.

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