Carrot Dream Meaning – Top 22 Dreams About Carrot

Did you dream about carrots? Carrots in the dream signify abundance, fertility, and your ability to see more with clear eyesight and clarity. You will enjoy a period of prosperity after behaving rightly. Your patience will pay off in the terms of reward. Consider if you enjoy the sweet carrots in the dream or if you dread eating them. The quality and condition of the carrots can offer valuable clues as well. Below we will guide you through the most common dream meanings.

Table of Content

Dream About Getting Carrots

Buying Carrots
To dream that you are buying carrots from grocery stores; indicates that you will spend money to enrich your life. You will undergo a period of mental and spiritual advancement. Perhaps you will soon reward yourself with some time off, retreat, or vacation. This time off will offer you greater insight into your own life.

Growing Carrots
To dream about growing carrots in the vegetable garden or farm; relates to your patience. You are willing to wait for something in order for it to feel right. You are putting off something that you really want such as a relationship or sex before marriage.

Digging Carrots
To dream that you are digging the soil for carrots; suggests that you might be jumping the gun. You are forcing some type of situations or rewards before the timing is right. Maybe you are being too pushy about landing your sales, closing contracts, or getting that marriage proposal.

Harvesting and Picking Carrot
To see yourself harvesting and pulling carrots out of the soil; indicates that your patience will pay off. Enjoy a moment full of happiness and pride. Your practical down to earth attitude will soon provide you with abundance.

Dangling Carrots on a Stick
Dreaming that you are trying to get a carrot dangling in front of you; points to someone repressing you and reprimanding you. It could relate to someone like a boss or whom you do business with. He or she is leading you on with promises. However, their intention is to get more work out of you.

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