Cement Dream Meaning – Top 14 Dreams About Concrete

Did you dream about concrete? Concrete or cement in dreams points to a solid and clear understanding of the situation. It could also suggest that once you have set your mind or opinion about certain issues or people. You will hard time breaking that first impression. Below are some of the more detailed interpretations of concrete-related dreams.

Table of Content

Dream About Working with Concrete

Dream About Wet Concrete
To see wet concrete in your dream suggests that some issue or some aspect of your life remains unresolved. You have little clue about what you need to do to solve the issues.

Dream About Pouring Concrete or Cement
Pouring concrete in the dream suggests that you are creating a shape of your liking permanently. Perhaps you are setting up permanent ground rules or mold for your family or organization. 

Dream About Mixing Cement or Concrete
To dream that you are mixing cement suggests that you are preparing to make a final decision. You cannot turn it back out once you decide. You are finishing up on final touches that will cement a deal. It could suggest that you accept a new career path, get a marriage proposal, or decide on the school you wish to go to.

Dream About Concrete Structures

Standing Structure

Dream About Concrete Building or Concrete House
To see a concrete building or house made out of concrete indicates that you believe a part of your life is stable and solid. Consider the purpose of the concrete building in the dream. It could relate to a specific part of your life.

Dream About Concrete Stairs
Climbing concrete stairs in the dream is a sign that your path of advancement is rigid. You are following a predetermined path to advance in your classes or career. Do not try to jump out of the path. You will likely have to start over in the new field completely.

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