Chest Dream Meaning – Top 23 Dreams About Chest

Did you dream about chests? The chest can either be a part of your body or as a storage unit like a treasure chest. To see your chest in your dream signifies confidence, conquest, and vitality. To dream about your chest can relate to physical conditions in waking life. However, it can also relate to your conscience and heart. Below we will go through common dream interpretations for chests as body parts or as storage.

Table of Content

Dream About Chest as Body Part

Dream About Actions Done to Chest

Chest Pain or Chest Infection
To dream that you are experiencing chest infection or pain, is a sign that you feel unjust in a troublesome issue. Someone or something is bothering your conscience.

Dream About Chest Cut Open
Dreaming that your chest is being cut open, indicates someone will dig deep into your heart in order to find fault in you.

Dream About Chest Wound
Consider the type of chest wound to better interpret the dream. A bruised chest indicates you will soon be pressured into unwanted actions. Burned chest with fire indicates that your confidence in yourself will be heavily damaged.

Dream About Getting Stabbed in the Chest with Knife
To dream that someone stabbing in the chest, foretells that someone is going to betray right in front of you. He or she will break your heart and confidence. Your livelihood might be taken in front of you. Be aware of your employees or subordinates who might leave you to help your competitors instead. The dream is similar to an animal like a snake bite your chest.

Dream About Being Shot in the Chest
Dreaming that you are being shot in the chest with a gun, foretells some type of serious medical problems in the future. Be mindful of potential heart or lung disease that might become deadly. Look out for respiratory diseases such as influenza, pneumonia, bronchitis, or coronavirus.

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