Closet Dream Meaning – Top 19 Dreams About Closet

Did you dream about closets? They symbolize a part of your life that you have kept hidden. You have certain aspects that you have chosen not to develop at this point in time. Instead, you have put them away for the right moment. Consider the purpose, condition, and your own interaction with closets to get better dream interpretations.

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Dream About Interacting with Closets

Cleaning Closets
To dream that you are cleaning closets; suggests that you are gleaming over your past decisions and actions. You are reflecting on problems, fears, and achievements that you done in the past. Toss out the trash so that you could embrace the bright new future self.

Hiding in Closet
To dream that you are hiding inside the closet; suggests a wish to hide something about yourself. Perhaps you are keeping your religious, political, or sexual preferences outside of public knowledge. You are keeping everything private and personal.

Trapped and Locked in Closet
To see yourself locked or trapped inside a closet; reflect the escape of judgment from others. You have recently come out of the closet with a personal secret of your own. However, the dream indicates that you have not received acceptance and acknowledgment. Instead, others are pushing you back into your own safe space bubble. Consider opening yourself to new social circles where you will be accepted as who you are.

Dream About What Is Inside Closets

Closet Clothes
When dream about a closet full of clothes, consider the type and occasion of those clothes. Your subconscious is closely aligning yourself to the roles that these clothes play. A tuxedo or wedding dress in a closet foretells major life events. Professional business attires reflect how you view your career and business relationship. Costumes closet might suggest that you are living a lie behind masks.

Baby in Closet
To dream about a baby inside a closet; reflect some type of confusion and emptiness in life. You have something that you feel very passionate about. But you will hide it inside a closet. You cannot nurture what you love. You will have to put that on the stove backburner. The dream might suggest that you are putting off having a baby in the pursuit of your other life’s goals.

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