Cloud Dream Meaning – Top 16 Dreams About Cloud

Did you dream about the cloud? To dream of clouds is generally a metaphor for your way of thinking or self-consciousness. The appearances of the clouds in the dream can signify your state of mind, inner thoughts, spiritual association, and emotions. Below we will go through the most common dream interpretations for clouds.

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Dream About Cloudy Weather

Dream About Cloudy Sky or Cloudy Day
To have a dream focused on the cloudy sky and gloomy day is a sign of your “clouded” or depressed way of thinking. Perhaps you are not looking at the positive side of your current situation. The dream is suggesting that you should make the best out of current clouded situations.

Dream About Rain Storm Clouds
Dreaming about dark and stormy rain clouds reflects depression and anger. You are holding negative feelings and thoughts inside you. These negative feelings may burst at a later time and may cause inconveniences or even damage.

Dream About Cloudburst
Seeing cloudbursts in the dream suggests an impending eruption of emotions. The dream portends a specific event will occur that will have your emotions pouring out at a specific time and location.

Dream About Funnel Cloud
To see a funnel cloud in your dream symbolizes anger that you are trying to hold back. Be careful about how you release your waves of anger. It might turn into a tornado and deal significant damage to the ones that you care about.

Dream About Phenomenon that Looks like Clouds

Dream About Dust Cloud
A dust cloud in the dream indicates that a critical situation will burden you for a while. The dream foretells that you should avoid making any drastic decisions until the dust settles.

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