Compass Dream Meaning – Top 7 Dreams About Compass

Did you dream about the compass? Compass in your dream represents a need to be shown the way. You want to figure out if you are traveling and progressing the right path in life. Consider how and where you are using the compass, to get an idea of which area of life that you might need help. Below are the most common compass dream meanings.

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Dream About Getting a Compass

To see yourself getting a compass, indicates that you will soon embark on a journey or new path. Consider getting advice from a mentor or counselor, to help guide you the way. Even if he or she cannot predict where your exact destination, they could nudge you in the right direction. Consider why you are using the compass, are you traveling in the forest? Hiking up the mountain? Camping? Or lost at sea?

Dream About Compass Arrow

Compass Arrow Spinning
To see compass arrow spinning wildly out of control in the dream, indicates that you feeling lost and chaotic in waking life. You are going in all directions but you end up in the same space. Perhaps there are influences and forces trying to pull you in different ways. And you are having trouble making the decision.

Compass Missing Arrow
Dreams that compass missing arrow, foretells that you will lose your original inspiration and motivation. You have worked towards a goal or destination for a while in terms of career or study. After progressing on your path for a while, you are now having second thoughts, you have lost your drive and purpose.

Compass Pointing to One Direction
Observing a compass pointing to a direction in the dream, suggests that you feel confident about your action. You have a strong sense of self and direction, you know what your next chess move might be. You are one step closer to solving life’s puzzle.

Dream About Broken Compass

Broken Compass
To dream about a broken compass with broken glass or arrows pointing you to the wrong direction, foretells that your mentor and role model will give you a bad recommendation. Pay additional thoughts to make sure that they do not have other motives or hidden agendas. Your trust in some type of benchmark might be challenged and betrayed.

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