Desert Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Desert

Did you dream about the desert? An empty desert in the dream signifies loss and misfortune. You will go through a period of barrenness and a feeling of isolation. Perhaps you are seeing no hope in sight and you are on the verge of giving up. Pay attention to the context and your actions within the desert dream to get a better interpretation.

Table of Content

Dream About Being Inside a Desert

Dream About Crossing Empty Desert
Crossing or walking through a desert in the dream, foretells a period of deprivation and hardship. Perhaps you are going through a situation where futures might look bleak and pointless. The dream reflects that you need to look inward and find the bigger picture. Proceed with an end in mind to help you get through the tough times.

Dream About Being Lost in Desert
To dream of being lost in the desert may represent feelings about having a problem or sensitive responsibility while nobody cares about it. Feeling unsupported by anyone at all while you have a new development in your life.

Dream About Surviving in Desert
To try to survive in the desert in the dream, suggests that you are having serious problems in waking life. Perhaps you feel empty and loveless. You do not enjoy your environment you are counting down the days that you could move on with your life.

Dream About Objects In a Desert

Dream About Desert Sand
To dream that you are walking or handling desert sand, indicates that you will go through a period of volatility while in isolation. This is especially true if you are stuck in quicksand. You may have a hard time getting a solid footing. You feel like you are sinking with every step that you take. Be patient and careful, it may take you more effort, but eventually, you get through it.

Dream About Desert Storm
To dream about a desert storm, points to some type of serious turbulence and changes in your relationship. Your life may be turned upside down while feeling alone such as through a divorce.

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