Detective Dream Meaning – Top 9 Dreams About Detective

Did you dream about detectives? To see a detective working a case in the dream, relates to certain thrills and dangers in your waking life. You are traveling down a path to learn about certain negative truths and workings of the world. Depending on your interaction and context of the detective in the dream, it may be interpreted differently. Below we will go through the most common detective related dream meanings.

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Dream About Being a Detective

Being a Detective
To see yourself being a detective in the dream, indicates that there are areas in your life that do not make sense. You are actively seeking out supporting clues and information to help you figure out other people’s true motivations. Maybe you are taking a project, signing a contract, or simply having trust issues with your business or intimate partners. The dream hints that you must find out more before jumping to conclusions with your suspicions and hypothesis.

Dream About Interacting with a Detective

Meeting a Detective
To dream that you are meeting a friendly detective in a casual setting like a backyard barbecue or birthday party, indicates that you searching for your hidden abilities and talents. However, there might be some hidden worry and stress in your personal or business life. Something is bothering you but you cannot seem to pinpoint the exact issue.

Being Questioned or Investigated by a Detective
To dream that you are being held as a suspect or even a prisoner, and being questioned by a detective, signifies guilt. Someone is putting your character under a magnifier and scrutiny. People will use your wrong moves and calls against you in future arguments or judgments.

Detective Chasing You
To be chased or followed by a detective, suggests that you are hiding something that you do not want others to see. However, people might be getting close to the truth. The dream is an alarm signaling that your secrets will be found.

Dream About Detectives Working

Detective Working on a Case
To dream about a detective working on a criminal case that has happened, consider the type of case being involved. Is it a murder mystery, a robbery, elaborate scam? These cases might relate to your worst fears if they are to happen in waking life.

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