Dish Dream Meaning – Top 19 Dreams About Dishes

Did you dream about dishes? To see dishes in your dream represent ideas, attitudes, and potential opportunities that have not yet been realized. If the dish is used for eating, it relates to the necessary nutrients of life and relationship. Consider what you are doing with the dish and its purposes and conditions. Here we will go over the details on what the dish might represent in the dream.

Table of Content

Dream About Washing and Cleaning Dishes

Washing Dishes in Sink
To wash dishes in the kitchen sink suggest that you are moving on from your previous project. Perhaps it represents your daily routine. You are getting rid of your negative feelings so that you could take on more positive in the near future.

Polishing and Cleaning Dish Plates
Dreaming that you are cleaning and polishing plates or dishes with towels to make them shine, suggests that you are doing the best and putting forward your best impression. Perhaps you are preparing an important social or family gathering party.

Dream About Other Interaction with Dishes

Collecting Dish
To shop and collect dishes represents possibilities that are waiting to be realized. In this dream, they could relate to trophies or memories of your past successes. You are able to save the reward or monetary offerings of your achievements.

Breaking a Dish
To dream that you are breaking dish intentionally in the dream, it reflects feelings of disgust and frustration. You will have a conflict with someone and that you will likely burn the bridge and relationship with that person.

Giving a Dish as a Gift
To give someone else a dish as a gift in general during holidays or birthday, suggests that you are dishing out certain things or actions to others.

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