Dog Size and Color Dream Meaning – Top 5 Common Dreams

Did you dream about a specific size and color of dog? They could offer valuable insights. When you have dogs in your dream, its interpretation should almost always be based on how your mind perceives the dogs in terms of the breed. If you know the natural characteristics of certain dogs’ breeds, that knowledge will almost always override the generally accepted dream symbols. Dig deeper into how to interpret such dreams here now.

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It is when dogs’ size and colors are out of the ordinary that can give you vital clues and hidden meanings behind them.

In this guide, we will talk about how the sizes and colors of dog which are generally interpreted as in your dream.

Now, if you are dreaming that you “are” the dog, you will generally have those symbols and attributes attached to you. For example, if you dream that you are the Big Purple Dog, it means that you are the most powerful and wealthy “top dog” among your friends.

Dog Sizes in Dreams
Dog Colors in Dreams

Dream About Different Dog Sizes

Dream About Big Dog
If you dream about a Big Dog, it generally represents that you have powerful friends with you.

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