Doors Dream Meaning

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When we dream about doors, this can give us some good insight into how we are currently feeling. Like most things we dream about, seeing a door in our dream tells us about how we feel about our lives and how things are going for us.

How you interpret your dream about doors will be very specific to you because you have your own preconceived notions about doors and what they mean to you, even if only subconsciously.

However, there are many universal ideas about doors and their symbolism, and this is where we will start.

open bedroom door

What it Means to Dream About a Door

Here are some common interpretations and themes for what it means to see a door in your dream.

Opportunities + New Beginnings

courtyard door

We’ve likely all heard a number of sayings about doors. Don’t “close the door” on an opportunity. Leave the door open for love. When one door shuts, another one opens. Each of these is about being open and available to something.

When you dream about an open door, or walking through a doorway, this could be about moving forward into a new opportunity in your life. It could be about something you are currently going through, or about something you are looking forward to, something you yearn for.

Whatever it is, it is likely a positive symbol in your dream that you are being presented with the option to move freely and that you are not blocked in your path.

Mystery + Potential

mystery door

Doors can represent mystery in our lives, both good and bad. Doors create a barrier, and the unknown lies behind the closed door. Doors can protect secrets. A closed door may require a key, password or some sort of credentials to gain access. Or it can be as easy as turning the knob or knocking and asking for access. Until you open the door, you don’t know what is behind it.

In your dreams being presented with a mysterious door can suggest excitement or fear about something on the horizon. This can also suggest you have a choice in something and are unsure how to proceed.

You will need to consider how you feel in the dream as well as what else is happening in the dream to really understand what it means for you.

Feeling Trapped or Stuck

A locked door barring your way can be an indication you feel like you are trapped. You can be stuck on the inside or the outside of a door, and in life this can be true as well. Dreams of being trapped are common and can give you insight on what is blocking you on your path in life.

You may feel trapped within a situation, longing to get out, but feel you have no say or control of the situation. Conversely, you could feel locked outside of something you desire.

You could desperately want to be let into a club, a school, to get a particular new job, or to begin a relationship with someone, yet you feel stuck on the outside of the one door that could allow you access to what you desire.

Do you simply need to knock on the door and ask? Or is there some concealed key you need to seek?

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”

― Helen Keller

Types of doors you may encounter in your dreams

An open door
An open door represents opportunities and choices being available to us.

A closed door or locked door
A closed door represents opportunities being closed off, or that we feel that they are unreachable.

A New Door – Could point to new opportunities

A Familiar Door – Can suggest moving forward on something you are already working on.

Garage Door – Opportunities. For more, check out our article on Garage Dream Meaning.

Trap Door – Points to mysterious unknown.

Glass Door – Reflective of your inner emotions. See related: Dream Symbol Meaning for Glass.

Revolving Door – Can be about the feeling of going around in circles, being stuck.

Attic Door – About the higher self. For more, check out the article on attics dream meaning.

Car Door – Could represent a journey or travel. See related dream symbols Vehicles, Driving, and Car Accidents.

You may also wish to explore the meaning of a gate symbol in your dreams.

Now that we’ve covered some common themes and types of doors, let’s take a look at a few dreams scenarios involving a door or doors.

Dreams Where a Door Opens

A door opening suggests new opportunities and potential change. This could reflect a personal journey you are already on, or one you are hoping to begin. An unblocked door is a good sign.

A Door Closes

A door closing can mean you feel like options are inaccessible to you. It can also mean you have a choice to make. Open the door, or walk away? A closed door doesn’t have to be bad, but likely means you feel frustrated or torn about something.

Dreaming About a Locked Door

A locked door can suggest you feel trapped or blocked from something in life. It can also represent you as a person. Are you unwilling to let people in? Do you tend to keep people from getting close to you?

Many Doors to Choose From

Fittingly, to be presented with many doors in your dream points to having many choices in your life. You may feel overwhelmed because there are so many to choose from. Or you may be pleased to have so many options.

Another thing to consider is the color of the door.

Black: Mystery, Isolation, Depression, Fear, Career Goals
Blue: Tranquility, Relaxation, Sadness
Green: Peace, Progress, Abundance, Hope
Red: Love, Warning, Danger, Anger
White: Acceptance, Purity, Knowledge, Mourning

These are just a few possible associations that the color of the door can mean.
To dig deeper and find even more ideas related to colors, check out the article on Colors in Dreams.

To understand more about what your dream means, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you feel about doors in everyday life?
  • Do you have any personal associations with doors?
  • What kind of door was it?
  • Was the door in good shape or disrepair?
  • What purpose did the door serve?
  • What other symbols appeared in the dream?
  • Do you have any big choices to make?
  • Are you hoping for a new opportunity?

Did you have a dream about a door? Tell us about your dream and what it means for you in the comments section below!

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