Eel Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Eel

Did you dream about eels? To see an eel in your dream indicates that you have issues with commitment. It also means that you have problems holding on to things. Consider the phrase “slippery as an eel” to tell someone who escapes responsibility or blame. Alternatively, the eel may be a phallic symbol and thus have erotic connotations.

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Dream About Eel Bite

Dream About Eel Bite or Eel Attack
To dream that eels biting or attacking you suggests that others will hurt you. Be cautious of slippery individuals who turn back on their words. These will cause lost opportunities and unforeseen costs shortly.

Dream About Interacting with Eels

Dream About Catching and Carrying an Eel
To catch or carry an eel in the dream suggests that you will be able to recapture lost opportunities in the past. Perhaps you might get back with someone like an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, or particular projects you have let go of in the past. Be aware that you still deem someone as not entirely trustworthy, as they have prior records of disappointments.

Dream About Holding Eel
Catching and holding eels firmly in the dream foretells that you will get a favorable outcome. Soon you will succeed in some project or pursuit. You will hold down and secure slippery opportunities that tend to get away if you are not careful.

Dream About Appearances of Eel

Dream About Many Eels
Seeing many eels at the same time represents a desire for sexual experiences.

Dream About Eels in Water
Seeing eels swimming in the water indicates hidden disputes and quarreling within your family or work. There might be rumors or gossips slipping around in the background.

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