Eggplant Dream Meaning – Top 11 Dreams About Eggplant

Did you dream about eggplants? To see or eat eggplants in your dream signify satisfaction with where your life is at. It may indicate abundance or fertility. Due to the abundance that the dream entails, you are likely to incur jealousy and hard feelings from others who believe you are undeserving of such fortune. Below are more detailed eggplant dream interpretations and meanings.

Table of Content

Dream About Getting and Selling Eggplant

Dream About Buying Eggplant
Buying eggplants in the dream suggest that you will be paying and showing off your success in wealth. You love it when people are envious of your good fortune.

Dream About Selling Eggplant
Selling eggplants in dreams suggest that distant relatives will visit you. They may stay with you for a long time due to your wealthy and well-off lifestyle. The dream foretells that their arrival will take away major satisfaction in your life.

Dream About Receiving Eggplant as a Gift
To dream of receiving an eggplant as a gift suggests that someone you know or yourself may be pregnant with a baby.

Dream About Growing Eggplant

Dream About Growing Eggplant
Growing eggplants foretells that all of your dreams will come true. Particularly, someone will gift you with certain presents or gifts that fulfill your wishes, and you will feel wonderful after receiving such good fortune.

Dream About Harvesting Eggplant
If you are harvesting eggplant in the dream, it portends that you will receive good fortune and profits from your businesses. It will give you a great sense of satisfaction in benefiting from your work.

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