Eyeglasses Dream Meaning – Top 19 Dreams About Eyeglasses

Did you dream about eyeglasses? It suggests that you need a clearer view on a situation. Perhaps your view on the circumstances might be blurry or unclear. You are misunderstanding certain situations. It represents the perspective that you have on yourself and the world. The dream could always reflect the waking world if you do wear one. However, they can have deeper interpretations if you do not normally use glasses. Consider the condition and how you are wearing the eyeglasses to get the best dream meanings.

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Dream About Interacting with Glasses

Wearing Glasses
To dream that you are wearing vision correcting glasses; suggests that you need to pay closer attention to a situation. You do not have the full picture of the circumstances. Do not jump into conclusion without more investigation.

Cleaning and Washing Glasses
To dream that you are washing and cleaning glasses lens with fabric and soap; indicates that you must not let emotions cloud your judgment and understanding. Cool down a little bit and face the problems with a clear mind. Make sure you get all the background without the emotional backdrop.

Breaking Glasses
To see you or someone breaking eyeglasses intentionally by hammering or stepping on with shoes; represents the denial to facts. The dream suggests point to the tendency to accept conspiracy or rumors as facts. It relates to the willing intentional behaviors that ignore all reality and evidences. You do not like what you see. So you refuse to see the truth.

Losing Glasses
To dream that you lost your glasses; indicate that you are confused in waking life. You do not understand your surroundings. New information are challenging and hard to understand.

Throwing Glasses at Someone
Dreaming that you are throwing glasses at someone; indicates that you are forcing your perspective on others.

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