Eyes Dream Meaning

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Dreaming about your eyes or the eyes of someone else could mean a variety of things, depending all on the context of the dream.  Eyes are often described as “the windows of the soul” and can be an indicator of deeper reflection or connecting with your own unique spiritual beliefs.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Eyes?

This kind of dream regarding eyes may also be an indicator that your subconscious is attempting to caution you to be knowledgeable about something.

It can mean you have to look within yourself for the meaning of things. Dreaming of eyes could be an alert that you should trust your own instincts and impulses.

Here are a few examples of what eye dreams may mean:

Seeing Your Own Eyes: If you can see your own eyes, whether in a mirror or through other circumstances, it could mean that you have a deeper understanding of yourself  or that you are becoming more aware of your higher conscious levels.

Seeing Someone Else’s eyes: You may be feeling a special connection with someone, or know that you share a similar viewpoint, such as seeing “eye to eye”.

Dreaming of just one eye, or seeing just one eye in a dream, could mean that you are not “seeing the whole picture” or that your viewpoints are very narrow and you need to expand your perspective on something happening in your life. You may not be open to other’s opinions and views on a subject matter happening in your life.

Dreaming of Many Eyes: This could indicate you feel as if others are judging or watching you. You may feel that you are not able to complete a task or that someone may uncover a secret about you.

Eyes in The Back of Your Head: This common cliche could mean that you are able to see the truth when others may be trying to do something behind your back. It could also mean that you need to view things as a whole or that you are undergoing a form of mental transformation.

Black Eye: This could mean that you have an inner conflict, or that someone recently hurt you through an argument or other conflict.

Dreaming that you have something in your eye: This could mean that there are obstacles in your life you are currently facing. Something is in the way of you being able to see and manifest what you truly desire.

Dreaming that you have a 3rd eye: You may need to focus on your internal vision. Dreams of a third eye could mean that you are not listening to your intuition, or that your intuition is being ignored.

Closed Eyes: You may be trying to avoid something or do not want to acknowledge what is obvious. This could also mean something is preventing you to look at life in the way you desire. You may have feelings of wanting to escape, being anxious, or fearful towards a situation in your everyday life.

Eye Color: The colors of the eyes you see could also mean a variety of things. Green eyes may mean wealth, greed, jealousy, blue eyes may mean calm, clear, and peaceful, red eyes may mean anger or sadness.

Do you have any dreams about eyes you would like to share? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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