Feather Dream Meaning – Top 22 Dreams About Feathers

Did you dream about feathers? Feathers in dream points to ease, comfort, warmth, and financial gains. Consider how you are using the feather in the dream to get better contexts and interpretations. Below is a table of content of the the common dreams about feather.

Table of Content

Growing Feathers

To dream that you are growing feathers, indicates that your are realizing your potential and gathering inspiration. However, if the feathers are not graceful nor beautiful, it suggests that you are being ridiculed about your work or appearances.

Plucking Feathers

To pluck feathers off a bird in the dream, reflects that your anxiety about how others express themselves. You are picking off people’s faults and flaws. Perhaps you are jealous about how others close to you perform in waking life.

Receiving Feather

Receiving feathers in the dream, foretells that you will get freedom and inspiration from outside sources. You will be able to achieve a new view of the world, and create wonderful work out of these thoughts.

Buying and Selling Feather

To dream that you are buying or selling feather, foretells that you will give thanks and receive appreciation and favors. Certain minor things that you do for others will be appreciated, be mindful of what you say and do.

Feather Accessories

Feather in Hair
To dream about wearing a feather in your hair, points to fertility.

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