Finger Dream Meaning – Top 18 Dreams About Fingers

Did you dream about fingers? To see your fingers in your dream symbolize physical and mental dexterity. If you are using your fingers somehow in the dream, it suggests you are working on waking life manipulation, action, and non-verbal communication. Individual fingers can also depict the specific characters and attributes that you may possess. Please pay attention to what you are doing with your fingers, which fingers exactly, and what happens to them throughout your dreaming process.

Table of Content

Dream About Finger Actions

Finger Pointing
To dream of a finger pointing at you signifies self-blame or guilt; perhaps you have recently done something wrong and be ashamed of it. If you are pointing something, it suggests that you desire that specific item.

Wearing a Ring on Finger
Dreaming about wearing a ring like a wedding band on the finger typically refers to commitment and communication within the family, and some really close you.

Crossing Fingers
To dream that you are crossing your fingers symbolizes optimism, success, luck, and hope.

Something Slipping Through Your Fingers
This indicates that you are losing the grip of your life. Perhaps something precious to you is slipping away; the item usually refers to relationship and communication status slipping off.

Crossing Index and Middle Finger:
This specific cross typically denotes some con or deceit. Perhaps you are keeping something a secret or releasing lies about yourself.

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