Flood Dream Meaning – Top 44 Dreams About Flooding

Did you dream about flooding? It forewarns of an approaching illness. The problem is generally caused by emotional problems and chronic stress. You need to release some of the hard feelings and personal tension. Your repressed emotions are overwhelming you. Try to figure out ways to drain out the things or people that cause you problems. Below we will note the more detailed dream meanings for floods.

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Dream About Actions in a Flood

Surviving Flood
To dream that you survive a major or raging flooding event; foretells that you will overcome huge sorrow or significant illness like cancer. However, if the flood is continuous that does not drain away. It points to some type of chronic illness or fluid build up in your body like diabetes. Consider paying attention to your health and take better care of yourself.

Walking Through Flood Stream
To dream that you are walking through a stream of flood; points to circulation problems in your lower body including feet and legs. Perhaps you’re cold during winter while sleeping. Consider keeping yourself warm with socks. Tread carefully in waking life.

Swimming in Flood
To dream that you are fighting for survival while swimming in the flood; points to emotional turmoil and stress time. You will try hard to keep your head above the water. It could point to an extremely busy time at work, or a significant event like a mass layoff or a pandemic. You will fight to stay alive.

Driving Through Flooded Roads
To dream that you are driving through flooded streets; suggests that you will see some type of suffering in your surrounding life like homelessness. However, they will not affect your path and direction. You will simply overlook and ignore other people’s problems.

Dream About Dealing with Flood

Flood Flow Blocking Your Path
To dream flood flow blocking your path in the dream; indicates that others are overwhelming you with demands and strong emotional opinions. There will be some lines that you cannot cross. If you do get tangled in other people’s business; you will get your shoes, clothes, and feet wet. You will also become emotionally involved.

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