Fox Dream Meaning – Top 36 Dreams About Fox

Did you dream about the fox? It represents cunningness, resourcefulness, insight, cleverness, and the ability to discover and exploit loopholes. The dream is suggesting that you are being concealed and discreet or about your life. It could relate to someone in your waking life who is sly and sneaky. Consider the contexts, looks, and your interactions with the fox in the dream to get the best interpretation reading.

Table of Content

Dream About Interactions With Fox

Feeding Fox
To dream that you are feeding a fox; suggests that you will work hard to gain the trust of someone. However, do not rely on the loyalty of this person. As it is his or her nature to protect himself. You might be enabling spies who might take advantage of your sympathy.

Saving a Fox
Dreaming that you are saving an injured fox; suggests that you will help someone who had been judged. Particularly, someone who will be disgraced by the public and jury because of his or her dishonesty. You will do whatever you can to help this person.

Running Away from Fox
To dream that you are running away from the fox; is similar to a dream of running from coyotes or wolves. However, instead of using force to overpower you. Someone will try to use sweet lies or misdirections. You will look through the fakeness to escape to safety.

Killing Fox
Killing a fox by hunting it with a gun; foretells that you will take drastic actions to put away someone. You no longer trust someone who had been lying to take advantage of your kindness. You are actively seeking out the truth while taking appropriate actions at the same time.

Hunting Fox
Dreaming that you are hunting fox as a hunter; indicates that you are looking for a new challenge in your life. Particularly, you are exposing certain truths or bring awareness of something. It could also suggest that you are looking for a fling or temporary relationship.

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