Gift Dream Meaning – Top 50 Dreams About Gifts

Did you dream about gifts? They represent generosity and goodwill. You are expressing feelings and thoughts in a good way. Consider the type of gifts and presents that you are giving or receiving. Think about the contexts of how you are dealings with the gifts. It points to some form of understanding and persuasion. Is it for a special occasion like a holiday or birthday? It could also relate to the willing or obligated sacrifice that you are doing for others. Below we will note the most common gift dream meanings.

Table of Content

Dream About Gift Actions

Giving and Receiving

Buying a Gift
To see yourself shopping for a gift for others in the dream; suggests that you want to give reassurance to others. You are showing gratitude for your life currently. You want to uphold your current relationship by showing appreciation.

Receiving and Getting a Gift
To dream that you receive a gift; indicates that you are being rewarded and appreciated. It is a reflection of what others think of you. If the gift is sweet and warm; others appreciate your generosity and giving nature. If the gifts are inappropriate and awkward; you might have an awkward relationship or attitude towards you.

Giving a Gift
To see yourself giving and presenting a gift to someone; reflects your positive feelings and abundance. You are paying it forward to share your fortunate life.

Returning Gift
Returning a gift in the dream indicates that you feel guilty or inadequate. You may think that you do not deserve certain gifts. This dream reflects your low self-esteem.

Gift Wraps

Wrapping a Gift
Wrapping gifts with wrap paper in the dream; suggests that you are trying to cover up or hide something. However, you are generally trying to hide good news before you are certain. It points to future celebration and happiness. You do not want to spoil the surprise by getting people’s hopes up. 

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