Hammer Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Hammer

Did you dream about hammers? Hammer in dreams signifies power, strength, and masculine attitudes and approach to solving problems. It suggests that there is no difficulty for you to overcome any situations. However, be careful if the dream features you misusing a hammer. It may suggest that your current attitude or approach may, in fact making issues worse. Below are more hammer-themed dreams and their interpretations.

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Dream About Using a Hammer

Holding a Hammer
Dream about holding a hammer and ready to strike reflects growth and construction. You are ready to take action to improve areas that you are working on. Perhaps you are preparing to launch into constructive action in waking life.

Dream About Hammer Striking the Anvil
Dreaming about striking on an anvil with your hammer represents your determination and drive to pursue your goals. You are working hard to sharpen your skill and craft. You can achieve much greater success shortly. It reflects some form of self-study or improvements so that you could move forward with your professional career.

Dream About Striking a Hammer
To dream of striking a hammer reflects your actions in waking life. Consider the contexts of what, where, and when you are using the hammer. Using the hammer correctly suggests that you are using the right tool at the right place. However, to strike the hammer mindless within the dream suggests that your actions are being destructive or intentionally harmful.

Dream About Hitting with Hammer

Dream About Hitting Your Own Finger or Hand with Hammer
Dreaming about accidentally hit your own fingers or hand reflects serious troubles that will arise from your lack of focus and carelessness. Also, such a mistake will effectively remove you from continuing your job.

Dream About Someone Hammering or Hammer Attack
To dream that someone hammers you or you suffer from hammer attacks in the dream suggests that strong destructive forces are putting you down. It could be from alcohol intoxication drugging you or aggression by your colleagues, bosses, or teacher in waking life. The dream reflects that you feel powerless to defend against such attacks.

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