Hyena Dream Meaning – Top 16 Dreams About Hyena

Did you dream about hyenas? They indicate greed or uncleanness. You will have to overcome obstacles and problems through scrupulous means. You can sense the weakness in others and conquer through their failures. Consider the actions and contexts of hyenas in the dream to get more detailed dream meanings.

Table of Content

Dream About Action Towards Hyena

Running From Hyena Chasing Me
To dream that you are hiding and running from hyena chasing you; suggests that you are being manipulated in life. You are lacking the character to stand up to the manipulators. People who are hypocrites and deceptive will try to stop you from moving forward. They will feed on your fear and failure.

Fighting With Hyena
To dream that you physically fight against a hyena; suggests that you will fight against gossip and manipulation. Someone will try to take advantage of you by making you emotionally weak. Watch out and think twice before signing any contracts. You will have to stand up for yourself.

Buying Hyena
To dream that you are buying a hyena; is an omen that you might obtain a type of disease of your own doing. Be careful about the items that you shop and consume. Specifically, be careful about blindly believing in witchcraft or fringe medicines.

Hunting and Killing Hyena
To see yourself killing and hunting down hyenas; foretells that you will work to remove false friends. You will overcome troubles caused by them such as bad loans and gambling debts.

Dream About Hyena Actions

Hyena Fighting and Hunting Another Animal
To dream about hyenas fighting and hunting; suggests that you are witnessing a group of people getting picked on. There is certain injustice that you are seeing such as casinos or banks preying on the weak.

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