Infection Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Infection

Did you dream about an infection? Dreaming about having an infection on parts of your body indicates a negative influence or ideas that are spreading and internalizing within you. These dangerous and compromised bad thoughts have the potential to lead to bigger problems. Treat and address them properly as soon as you can. Below we will go over and interpret more infection-related dreams. The dream could also relate to the real underlying infection that you might be experiencing. And your subconscious is warning you about certain diseases. Consider going to the doctor if your body does show real signs of infection.

Dream About Infected Wound

To dream that you are suffering from a wound getting infected or pus, may be a sign that you are allowing a problem to make your life worse. You are not taking care of your past wounds or hurts. You are not addressing the pain that it has caused you in the past. These past issues are eating are you and affecting your everyday life. Perhaps you are letting your past relationships like an ex boyfriend or divorced spouse continue to impact you in a negative way.

Infection Getting Worse and Spreading Inside
To see an infection getting worse on your body, suggests that you are suffering from powerful jealousy or bitterness emotions. You are magnifying your hopelessness or bad thoughts against yourself. The dream suggests that you might have confidence issues. You feel that you are incompetent to handle the challenges of life.

Healing and Fighting Off Infection
To dream that you are healing and recovering from an infection; represents that you are taking responsible advice and getting new ideas to reach out for help. You are taking the necessary steps to rid yourself of bad or cancerous addictions like impulsive gambling or shopping.

Dream About Spreading Infection

Spreading Infection to Others
To see yourself spreading the infectious disease to others on purpose, may reflect your wish to bring others down with you. Perhaps you have been wrongful hurt by others. And you are seeking revenge by spreading the same misfortune to people around you.

Dream About Different Types of Infections

Bacterial Infection
To dream about bacterial infections, points to negative influences and thoughts within your organization. Be aware of outside gossip and rumors to impact the overall health of your environment.

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