Kidnapping Dream Meaning – Top 15 Dreams About Getting Kidnapped

Did you dream about someone kidnapped or abducted? This is a bad recurring experience if you consistently dream about events involving kidnap. It suggests that you feel powerless or weak against aggressive forces in waking life. Someone or something is holding you hostage so that you can longer enjoy your freedom. We will go over everything you need to know about the significance of a kidnapping dream.

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Dream About Kidnapped or Abducted

Attempted Abduction
To dream that you almost got kidnapped or someone attempting to abduct you, indicates that you are being manipulated by your circumstances or by someone. Perhaps someone is trying to trap you or enslave you with certain moral or circumstantial chains. You lack control of your own life. Others are forcing you to act in a certain way to satisfy themselves.

Escaping Abduction
To escape from your abductor or kidnapper’s cage, signifies feelings of freedom and in control. You are no longer helpless against others. And you are free to live out your freedom and real life.

Kidnapped and Tortured
To dream that you have been kidnapped and tortured, foretells that you are going to suffer failures in the near future. An event or trouble will take away all of your energy and time. You will struggle to keep yourself stay afloat through this difficult period. The dream suggests that you will dread every moment of this experience.

Kidnap Ransom
To dream that you or someone you know got kidnapped, and the criminal is asking you for ransom; it indicates that you will be financially hurt in the near future. Perhaps you will participate in poor contracts or financial decisions like a failed mortgage. The dream foretells that certain debt collectors will come knocking on your door both at home and work. They will effectively kidnap your life until they get their money.

Dream About the Location of the Abduction or Kidnapping

Prison, Dungeon, or Basement
To dream that you get abducted and placed in an underground holding cell, indicates that someone will keep you hostage emotionally. He or she will beat certain information out of you. He or she will make your life miserable, until you agree to give up your deep down identities or beliefs.

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