Lips Dream Meaning – Top 16 Dreams About Lips

Did you dream about lips? Lips in dreams signify sensuality, sex, love, and romance. They relate to communication and the messages that you try to convey. Consider how and what you are doing with your lips to get a better interpretation.

Table of Content

Dream About Actions on Lips

Bleeding Lips
Bleeding lips in the dream relates to a period of lost love. You are not able to convey your message of love to others in an effective manner. Be careful of broken hearts due to misinterpreted messages of affection.

Kiss on Lips
To dream that you kiss someone on the lips; foretells that you will have really close and personal communication with others. You are forming a bond on a spiritual and intellectual level.

Peeling Lips
To dream about skin peeling lips, forewarns that you will leave open some vulnerability in your words and communication. Perhaps you have said something that you do not mean to. And this wrong choice of words and messages are hurting people. You will soon tell some harsh skinless truths to others.

Burning Lips
To dream about you burn your lips on something hot like coffee or soup; foretells that you will be burned by someone’s hot temper. You will soon ask for some feedback from others about your appearances or ways of communication. The dream suggests that the feedback may be too hot for you to handle.

Biting Lips
Dream about biting your lips, suggests you will be appreciated for your toleration of something or someone.

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