Lipstick Dream Meaning – Top 15 Dreams About Lipsticks

Did you dream about lipsticks? Lipsticks in the dream suggest that you are not entirely truthful about something. You wish to say and package your thoughts in a certain way. You wish to give others a good impression of your look, speech, and sex appeal. Consider how the lipstick is used and its color in the dream to get better clues on its interpretation.

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Dream About Buying and Selling Lipsticks

Buying Lipstick
To dream that you are shopping for lipstick, points to harmony, and affluence ahead. You will spend money on things like brand name bags or plastic surgery to make yourself look more attractive. The dream suggests that your current focus in life is superficial. But yet practical because you do care about how you are seen in other people’s eyes.

Selling Lipstick
To dream that you are selling lipstick, indicates that someone will trust you a great deal. You will be able to sell and produce confidence in another person. Perhaps you will be able to coach others and empower their ability to speak their mind.

Finding Lipstick
To dream that you are finding lipstick, indicates that you will hear marriage or relationship news of an unexpected couple. Some people that you would never thought to be together will start a relationship.

Being Given Lipstick Gift
To dream that you are being given lipstick, means that someone’s image of you is changing for the better. You are standing out in his view and he is digging the way you look.

Dream About Wearing Lipsticks

Wearing, Applying, and Putting on Lipstick
To wear, apply, or put on lipstick for your lips in the dream, signifies that you need new excitements in your marriage or relationship. Perhaps the dream is a reflection that you no longer feel that your spouse or significant other is attracted to you. You want to be viewed positively and desired for.

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