Locust Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Locust

Did you dream about locusts? Locusts in your dream represent some type of greed or aggression towards others. You or someone you know is feeding on other people in order to satisfy his or her selfish own needs. It relates to a part of your life that needs urgent attention. Below we will go over the deeper interpretation of seeing locusts in the dream.

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Dream About How You Interact with the Locust

Dream About Incoming Locust Swarm
To dream that a locust swarm is incoming and moving towards you, foretells some type of attack is coming to destroy your creativity. Your assets, belongings, and hard work will soon be under siege. Watch out for greedy people who will thrive on other people’s pain.

Dream About Escaping from Flying Locusts
To see yourself escaping from flying locusts, could suggest that you are trying to escape from oppression or people who aim to take advantage of you. Consider the apocalypse dream, an incoming changing wave that will be hard to escape.

Dream About Eating a Locust
Eating a locust in the dream, indicates that you have been secretly hoarding money from others. However, this money might be ill-gotten gains.

Dream About Catching Locusts
Dreaming that you are catching locusts with your bare hands, points to your futile attempts to stop certain destruction. Perhaps you are trying to fight the tide or tsunami of incoming waves. Your resistance will be overrun easily.

Dream About Locust Bite
To dream that locusts biting you, forewarns that someone will take credit for your work.

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