Lollipop Dream Meaning – Top 10 Dreams About Lollipop

Did you dream about lollipop? To see or lick a lollipop in your dream indicates surprises and adventures. Specifically, the dream suggests you will only obtain these good indulging experiences after you do something that you do not necessarily enjoy. Consider the types of lollipop flavors and tastes. And focus on your experience to get a better interpretation of the dream.

Table of Content

Dream About Actions with Lollipop

Licking Lollipop
Licking lollipop with your tongue in the dream; symbolize childhood innocence and uninhibited enjoyment of simple pleasures. You are going back to the basic joy of life.

Giving Lollipop
To dream about giving lollipop; foretells that you will offer some type of rewards or bribes. You will coerce someone to make him or her feel special.

Sucking or Swallowing Lollipop
To suck or swallow a lollipop in the dream relates to sensuality, indulgence, and pleasant aspects of your life. It could relate to oral sex if you relate the candy on a stick to it in waking life.

Unwrapping Lollipop
To see yourself unwrapping lollipop plastic or paper in the dream; it suggests that you are valuing short term pleasures over long term rewards. You want something now.

Choking on Lollipop
To dream about yourself choking on a lollipop; forewarns that you will suffer negative consequences of your choices. Be aware of unknowingly enter into advertisement scams. Do not sign any contracts that seem too good to be true. You might be lured in and taken advantage of.

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