Mint Dream Meaning – Top 9 Dreams About Mint

Did you dream about mint? Mint in the dream indicates that some areas of your life need to freshen up. Certain parts of your life such as relationship, career, or friendship are stale. You need to figure out ways to breathe new life into it. Below we will note the most common interpretations of dreaming about mint.

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Dream About Mint Plant

Green Mint
Green mint is similar to a grass related dream. Hold close to something that could always inspire you and motivate you. The dream suggests that you need to refer to something that will guide you the way when you feel lost. Something or someone will freshen your mind to give you hope again.

Mint Leaves
To dream that you are harvesting or cutting green leaves from a plant; it foretells that you will “mint” money in some way or form. Look out for great investment or business opportunities that will generate income.

Dream About Mint Products

Mint Candy
Mint flavored candy in the dream suggests that your social endeavors will take a positive turn. Expect to make more friends and expand your social circle.

Mint Chewing Gum
To eat or have mint chewing gum in the dream; suggests that you have a strong spirit that keep you going. You have high energy and passion about certain issues. You feel strongly about the project and tasks that you are undertaking. However, as time goes by, the dream suggests that your passion might be winding down.

Mint Chocolate Chip
To indulge in the mint chocolate chip in the dream, signifies renewal in your potentially stale relationship. Try to spice things up and do something differently. You might enjoy the renewed experience.

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